900p, 1080p or 4K? Gamers Can’t Tell The Difference Between PC, PS4 And Xbox One Graphics

 900p, 1080p or 4K? Gamers Can’t Tell The Difference Between PC, PS4 And Xbox One Graphics

64% of gamers can’t tell the difference between PC, PS4 and Xbox One when it comes to graphics. That is according to a poll conducted by GameSpot, atleast. The popular American website has let 2700 participants put their hands on three different Far Cry 4 game sessions, asking them which version of the Ubisoft produced open world title have they actually played?

Their answers were pretty interesting, as they underline how useless is the so called Resolution War many gamers and even console manufacturers have been bringing on in the last few years, and how for most people PC gaming presents no advantage over PS4 and Xbox One gaming just because they can’t really tell how good does its graphics offer. Let’s take a deeper look at these two points.


“Meaningless” is the right adjective for the Resolution War many users have been talking about in the last few years. That’s useless because they don’t understand what they’re actually discussing, as GameSpot’s pool shows. And, if they do, it’s always a matter of 900p against 1080p or something like that.

Far Cry 4 Xbox One vs PS4 Screenshot

Is this worth writing tons of words and phrases on the Internet, while the whole gaming industry is striving to evolve and offer something unique or simply new? I don’t think so, because sometimes it looks like, among all the remasters and sequels, we won’t have any gaming future after all. So we should focus on the content rather than the appearance of what we are being offered, if we are able to understand that, at least.


Supremacy is all about being recognized as a leader by others. Most PCs are way more powerful than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but, hey, it looks like no one can tell that. I agree with GameSpot when they say, talking about multi-platform games, we should look at our own needs before deciding which version we should buy: what our friends are doing, what is the server situation like for the multiplayer side, what the price is and so on.

Far Cry 4 Xbox One vs PS4 Screenshot 2

In my opinion, two factors are truly important while choosing a multi-platform game version: the controller I will be using and the download/installation times. Both those questions brought me to prefer PlayStation 4 so far, even though I own a $1,500+ gaming PC and have always been playing on Xbox, but looking at how fast the situation is evolving I don’t exclude I could change my mind soon.

Xbox One vs PS4 Far Cry 4 Screenshot 3

Next time you’ll find yourself swimming in a lake of resolution and graphics comparison, well, you should remember how much you really care about that when you’re playing a game. Your factors of choice should be others, simply because an uncomfortable controller is about to influence your gaming session way more than a resolution of 900p. Remember that your eyes won’t feel the difference, but your hands will.