Battlefield 1’s Campaign and Multiplayer: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

 Battlefield 1’s Campaign and Multiplayer: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Battlefield 1 has just been revealed and, considering how different from the past Battlefield games it is going to be, we have a lot of details to discuss about. First, let’s take a look at the setting. Battlefield 1 is set during the World War I as rumored, but not in an alternate reality as thought in the few days and hours before the official presentation. The Battlefield 1 name was decided because, DICE revealed, “It’s important to stress that this is the next big milestone in the Battlefield franchise. Why we chose the name…we’re kind of going back to the true dawn of all-out warfare. This is the genesis of what modern warfare is today.”

Battlefield 1 Concept Art

The Swedish developer didn’t reveal many details about the locations, but we do know the game will carry us over multiple cities and areas around the world, amongh which we’ll find French Forest of Argonne, Italian Alps and deserts of Arabia. Maps will be bigger in comparison with Battlefield 3 and 4 – one will have a train running through a forest in it -, getting the game back to the Bad Company roots that clearly definined the Battlefield franchise and its differences with other shooter games (like Call of Duty).

According to rumors, the campaign is going to be split into six different missions, not so many but neither a clear signal about how many hours it will take us to complete the story mode – those missions could be something like Battlefield Hardline episodes, told a in TV show fashion. The storyline itself is being built to allow the developer to tell us different stories from different characters, describing how their lives got shaken by the beginning of the war.

When it comes to gameplay, Battlefield 1 is obviously putting a lot of emphasis on multiplayer. Multiplayer is still getting the 64-player treatment and, despite offering more open maps (there’s even something à la D-Day in it), we’ll have a great focus on melee combat.

It’s ultimately going to be a mix between hand-to-hand combat and powder-based guns, with the first designed to be both realistic and fun to play, each with different pros and cons for us to check and value before we get in the battlefield. As usual, multiplayer is supporting four different classes:

  • Assault players: SMGs
  • Medic: maybe semi-autos
  • Support: LMGs
  • Scout: Sniper Rifle guy

Rumor has it we’re going to have a dedicated driver class but, while this is still to be confirmed, it looks like it will be related to how and where players are spawning on the map (so not so much different from the previous games in the series). The first two driver classes revealed are the Tank Officer and Pilot.

Battlefield 1 Concept Art 2

Vehicles are also representing something big for the new Battlefield game, as usual. Battlefield 1 will feature different types of airplanes (biplanes – slower and no lock ons, one user drives and the other shoots at bad people around -, triplanes), tanks, battleships, zeppelins (!) and horses. You can even use horses to get across the maps and fight while on them; tanks are a debut in the battlefield, experimented during the World War I, so they’re lethal but don’t expect them to be as fast and unbeatable as the modern ones.

Finally, some good news about the way Battlefield 1 was introduced to the world. The trailer we’ve seen yesterday was in-engine, meaning it wasn’t actual gameplay but was created thanks to the same Frostbite technology we’ll see applied in the core new Battlefield title. More importantly, everything we’ve seen in it, i.e. the flamethrower and the gas mask, will actually be in the game.

Battlefield 1 Concept Art 3

In terms of graphics, we can judge yet since the trailer was in-engine and not in-game, which clearly means when everything is going to be calculated in real time we’re going to see some sort of difference between Battlefield 1 running on Xbox One/PS4 and what we discovered in the official presentation. Anyway, according to press reports coming from the event, the game looks brilliant and very, very close to the trailer itself, bringing on screen something really similar to what we looked at and played in Star Wars Battlefront but even better when it comes to explosions, and overall visual effects and immersion.

Battlefield 1 is releasing on October 21 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. By the look of it, we really look forward to having it in our hands as soon as possible, and thankfully we’ll do it soon thanks to the multiplayer open beta to be possibly announced at EA Play on June 12.