Best and Funniest Cosplays of 2013

Wondered how your favorite characters would look if they were real, if you could just walk up to them and shake hands, chat with them, tell them how much you like them?? don’t have to rack your brains on that! Because Cosplay does it for us. Sit back and enjoy the show!

With details in their costumes, makeups, their postures, role-play, these Cosplayers put in a lot of effort to dramatize their virtual counter-partners. Having said all this now I am tempted to choose the best. While most of them pull it off well, there are few, who we wish would just go and do something productive. I mean, come on! Cosplay is just not your cup of tea!! All we can do after watching them is laugh out loud..

So first let us go through some of the hilarious ones..


This guy is the mix of Logan and Victor,don’t you think? All my dreams of the sexy dreamboy Wolverine were crushed after watching this picture!


I cant help but wonder if Thor and Hawkman originated in India. If that is true, both of them need not worry about their love of life anymore. We got a perfect match! (Wink!)


If the ladies from Greek Universe are gona look like that, god save us all!!


I don’t want to live anymore!

Idea of dying..out of the window! There is still hope! Lets chuck the negativity and go through few of the most interesting Cosplays of 2013..


Hope Poison Ivy doesn’t poison batman! With blazing red hair and perfect use of artificial leaves, this lady does look poisonous. The only thing missing is the green complexion. With that in place this woman would have been no less than the original Poison Ivy!


This Samara is totally determined to not let any unjustified violence happen! Perfectly portraying the Mass Effect character, Rana McNear justifies the virtual Samara. With excellent makeup and remarkably detailed accessories, I have no second thoughts that this is one of the best Cosplays ever.


Penguin: The evil look on this man’s face is enough to know as to why he is on the best Cosplay list. Other than the ID around his neck, which pulls him bustling out of Gotham and into our world, everything is in place, be it his hat, monocle or cigarette holder. But I wonder what’s with the red teeth! May be I will overlook it for now.


This is Jacqueline Goehner Cosplaying as Sara Pezini from Witchblade. Total justice to the costume, perfect hair, hand gear and a rocking attitude! You pose so well, wonder you got her healing powers too!!

doc ock spider-man-2 cosplay

The super intelligent Doc Ock! Wondering if the makers rented him those mechanical arms and trenchcoat. Jokes apart! But with these two things in place the Cosplayer has done a good job.

Anna Moleva Cosplay Elizabeth

This Russian cutie, Anna Moleva Cosplayed Elizabeth so well that Irrational hired her to be their live-action Elizabeth. Rumors are that the makers even redid Elizabeth to resemble Anna Moleva. If that is to be believed, Anna has lived the ultimate dream of a Cosplayer.


Joker. I would definitely want to run away from him if he asks me “Why So Serious??” Full marks for his makeup, his sarcastic smile and his evil eyes. I miss Heath Ledger, if he would be alive then he would surly have apprciated this guy. Thanks to the guy in background, I am a bit less afraid!


This ‘all smiles’ Samus Aran doesn’t seem as dangerous as her virtual counter-partner but her metallic blue suit and blonde hair are a perfect match.


We can’t miss Lilith’s seductive smile in this picture. Yasemin Arslan the Cosplayer, may not be able to Phasewalk but she surely knows how to don Lilith. Considering the details like her hair, jacket and the fingerless gloves, Arslan makes a perfect Borderlands character!


Had saved the best for last! This Cospalyer is so perfect that I had to actually zoom in, to find out if that is not virtual but a real girl with blood and bone! If the virtual Lara Croft happens to visit our world she would definitely look like this.

2013 has seen some excellent Cosplays. These were some of the best. Now let’s find out what you guys think is the best among these. Participate in the pole and vote for the Cosplay, who according to you is the best.