Best Pokemon Go accessories

Here are some of the best Pokemon Go accessories you are going to want while hunting Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Incense

Pokemon Go is a game perfect for the creature collecting-obsessed person. Walking around the real world and seeing what different Pokemon you can grab is still an invigorating prospect that motivates millions of people to play. How can you make the experience even better though? You are relying on a mobile phone to play the game, so there are plenty of add-ons to tailor the game to work perfectly for you. Here are the best accessories you can buy for Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Plus

The Pokemon Go Plus is a companion accessory that works in tandem with Pokemon Go. Using the device makes it so you do not necessarily need to look at your phone to catch Pokemon. You wear it on your wrist like a watch and press the button to throw a Pokeball at any Pokemon nearby. When the light is green, you are attempting to catch a Pokemon you’ve already caught. When it is yellow, it is a new Pokemon. Pokemon Go Plus is not a game changer or anything but will make it easier to grab Pokemon in the world without constantly looking at your phone.

Pokemon Go-tcha

Like the Pokemon Go Plus, the Go-tcha allows you to play Pokemon Go without looking at your phone. It connects via Bluetooth just like the Plus and will spin Pokestops and capture Pokemon. The Go-tcha does have a screen on it to more accurately convey exactly what it is doing at all times but is more expensive at retail.

Mobile battery charger

The biggest issue with Pokemon Go is that it will drain your battery. While there may be certain methods to extending your battery life while playing, here are some good power banks you can bring with you while out and about.

Anker Powercore+ 26800

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Anker is a pretty well-known name when it comes to portable chargers. The Powercore+ 26800 is an ultra-high capacity powerbank capable of charging your phone multiple times without needing a charge itself. If you are looking for a highly capable charger for long raid sessions, there isn’t much better than this.

RAVPower 32000mAh

This RAVPower portable charger is capable of holding a ton of juice and has a max output of 6 amps. However, it does not have QuickCharge, so you may have a ton of charging potential, but it will take a while to get there.

EasyAcc Classic 3,350mAh

EasyAcc is known for making smaller portable battery chargers and that can appeal to some Pokemon trainers. While other options can hold tons of charging potential, they can take a lot of space and be less portable. That’s where this guy comes in. You can fit it in nearly any pocket or bag, but can only charge one device at a time.

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