Best Mods For Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

 Best Mods For Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an open world action-adventure stealth video game developed by Kojima Productions. The game cover almost insane details like if you try to hide in the toilet and play a cassette tape of toilet sounds then guards will run off in disgust rather than dragging you out and filling all the AK-47’s rounds in you. The playable world in The Phantom Pain is two hundred times larger than that of Ground Zeroes also featuring a variety of climate conditions and environments.

Good news for the PC owner of this game, We have sorted out the Most downloaded Mods for the Metal Gear Solid V: The pain for you. With these Mods, you can Increase the graphics quality, change the current player Phantom models, experiment with the gameplay and many more. So without any further ado, here are the Most Downloaded Mods.

15 Popular MGS V: The Phantom Pain Mods

Below is the list of top mods for The Phantom Pain, these are highly endorsed and downloaded mods from Nexusmods website.

Top 15 Phantom Pain Mods

1 – Snakebite Mod Manager

Avoid the hassle of adding and removing mods by installing Snakebite Mod Manager. It is a single place to play with custom mods in Phantom Pain. Install or uninstall everything from one place or use to create mods. Launch game, modify the current mods or fiddle with your creativity to create something unique.

2 – Infinite Heaven

Extend the gameplay through various customizations and features. The mod brings hundreds of options to modify the game settings and easily adjust things the way you want. For example, you can setup to replay side-missions, or perform skull attacks in free roam, etc. The mod brings extensive features through a simple UI. It is recommended to visit the download link and read the features first.

3 – S Plus Soldier Mod

Better version of S++ Soldier, add all soldiers above S-Rank in the campaign. From two choices spp_gradual and spp_100 you can select the type of S rank soldiers you need. The first one spp_gradual offers you enough S++ Rank soldiers and second gives you S++ by default to level up your base fast. Use Snakebite to install this mod.


Multi Quiet Player Mod v2.3

Multi Quiet Player Mod supports Quality Ability and Voice Support. It has additional options to play the game as Quiet. You can also use a female recruit or Snake. For Snake, you can use outfits like Battle Dress, Sneaking Suit, etc. Read the installation instructions on the download page properly before installing this mod.

5 – The Man Who Sold The World

Simple mod that brings the Legend back into the game, play as Big Boss with some customization. The mod also gives you an option to select the classic two arm or use a bionic arm. Customization choices are available for hair and arm.

6 – No More Timers

Another simple mod to get rid of the time requirement in various activities of the Phantom Pain. The mod removes the time limits required for researching equipments, building base platform and deployment. It is an good customization for the game to remove the frustration of waiting. Install it using Snakebite.

7 – Return of the Item Unlocker

The mod unlocks all the items in the game, but it does not work on the DLC. The mod makes all things re-searchable including key items like raiden suit and ground zero exclusive items. No more struggling to unlock, just add this and get everything, make your game more interesting with newly unlocked items.

8 – No Development Requirements

The mode offers you to develop all offline items for no cost. It also supports Motherbase, but the mod has a bug. After unlocking everything remove the mod and install No Deployment Requirements. If you continue using the old one the game will freeze in the end missions. The modder has yet not found any solutions to resolve this problem.

9 – Infinite Ammo and Suppressors V1.12

Looking for unlimited ammo and suppressor, then install this mod. Save your time, the mod work so the majority of the weapons in The Phantom Pain.

10 – The Ultimate Phantom Pain Mod

The mod offers you a fully customization gameplay experience, it brings tons of settings on one place. You can modify settings associated with the game plus, heli ride,s time scale, hardcore enemies, custom weapons, dispatch missions, motherbase staff outfit, etc.

11 – Morbid’s Side-Op Expansion Pack

Get 50 new side-missions for The Phantom Pain by adding this mod. You will need Infinite Heaven to use this. You get several hours of ne content, new challenges, objectives and much. It is an ideal update if you are bored with the story and want some unique missions, 50 new side-missions high content update for the game.

12 – Metal Gear V Unlocked

100% Progress with DLC content and Extra ++ through this one single mod. Get Ground Zero special items and other special items that were limited to Pre-ordered buyers. You get all weapons, emblems, S++ members, invoices, etc.

13 – Diamond Girls – Side Op Collection

Get S++ female members, challenging side-op missions and more features. Get unique challenges in every mission and face tougher enemies in upcoming ones. You can farm a lot of female staff and add them into your team.

14 – More Resources and better harvest and Diamonds mod.

The mod increases the amount of resources in the game. You get more when you pick up items like plants or containers. Go through the installation instructions properly to understand its requirements. The mod is not compatible with a few existing one.


15 – Skills Modifier

The mod works on the skills part of the army, you can pick from Athlete, Gunman, Tough Guy, Quick Reload, Quick Draw, Savage, Climber All Combat. There are more you can do with the mod. You can customize your army skills the way you want.


This is our list on the top 15 most downloaded mod for The Phantom Pain, if we miss anything do update in the comments section below.