Bloodborne PS4 Graphics Issue Makes Details Blurry But Early Screenshots Were Stunning: Downgrade Or Marketing Trick?

Waiting for gamers’ opinion, Bloodborne has been hugely acclaimed by critics, with an average score of 93 on Metacritics and maybe the merit of providing the true first taste of next-generation on PlayStation 4. The gameplay Dark Souls II has been acclaimed for has passed through a cycle of innovations and upgrades that makes Bloodborne not only more modern but even more approachable by those who never experienced From Software’s previous works. Does this mean graphics have improved in comparison with the Dark Souls series? Somewhat. The title surely takes advantage of PS4’s power, assuring amazing landscapes and impressive giant enemy bosses, but still lacks on some details we had taken for granted.


Gamers on the Reddit have in fact underlined the poor quality of details from the background in comparison with the first Bloodborne screenshots showed to the public. Those details appear blurry, like if From Software reduced their final quality to make the game smoother, without any clue given to fans before the day one. Take the following image for example:

Bloodborne Graphics Issue On PS4

That is, the weed on the left has some blur on it, and that trick could have been used by developers to cover the lower level of visual quality in comparison with the rest of the scenery. The same happens to the building on the far left and to the carriage on the right. What makes us believe to a new case of downgrade is the fact that this happens only in presence of many or big enemies, or when a vast landscape is loading n the background. Considering that Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive, that could be disappointing after the claims that the console badly supports anisotropic filtering (AF) .

Downgrade or not, this graphics issue is even more visible taking a look at the older screenshots showed at the presentation of Bloodborne. From a picture, like the following, clearly in-game, has never emerged any visual problem, nonetheless many fell in love with the maniacal care for the Victorian setting.

Bloodborne Official Screenshot

What’s going on then? Early videos and photos could have been deliberately pushed to the limit of PS4 – or they were even running on a high-spec PC – without taking any care of frame-rate, with the only purpose to surprise people thanks to an unrealistic, at least at this point of PlayStation 4’s lifecycle, level of quality. You could be even more saddened to hear that the first incoming patch won’t address this issue but will only concentrate on faster loadings – a welcome improvement – and minor bugs solution. So no one is admitting there is a problem about this, yet, and probably no one ever will.

From Software wouldn’t be new to this kind of manipulation. It could be time for a new engine, maybe a Western middleware could be a good solution apart from the specifics of each platform, or a completely change in approaching press and public. Many claimed the different graphics quality from E3 to the release of Dark Souls II, that had ostensibly been pushed back in favor of a frame-rate’s superior stability. Wherever lies the truth, we should take once again a lesson from all this, both if we are supporters of the best graphics possible or we don’t care at all.