Could Gears of War Collection run at 1080p/60fps on Xbox One? The trilogy could lose its uniqueness


Our opinion is that the original games could be harmed by the faster pace, especially in the multiplayer side.

In the last years we have been used to all the types of remasters that could arrive from the video games industry. Some games were just offered with compatibility with the current hardware, like the recent Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered or Grim Fandango Remastered, without adding anything to the originals; others were pretty simple GOTY editions, that included all the contents previously released for the older versions.

Gears of War: Marcus Fenix Collection For Xbox One

The last category is the most appreciated by the gamers and includes remakes, titles brought to a completely new life thanks to the power of the new platforms. An example of those could surely be Halo: The Master Chief Collection, where games such as Halo 4 were proposed not only with a little graphical overhaul but also with structural changes like the superior amount of frames per second.

While the original was created with 30fps in mind, the remake prepared by 343 Industries runs at the double and delivers a more modern but still different – slightly different, because the native version is already frantic enough – gaming experience.

Gears of war: Marcus Fenix Collection

On top of that, 1080p and 60fps are often seen as a milestone by gamers, that take for granted this technical achievement at least for older titles coming to new platforms. In one of the most popular cases, Gears of War Collection, a trilogy composed by the first three iterations of the series, has been frequently demanded by fans and gamers on the net, running at 60fps. Should Microsoft accept these demands, that could be a true problem when talking about gameplay.

Gears of War is, in fact, a series that has based its entire popularity on the multiplayer side. Except for the Judgment episode, its gameplay has a particular pace that lets gamers use covers and shoot enemies with an according rhythm. This pace has been granted during the years by 30fps. Getting up and down from a cover or just pointing the sniper rifle to the head of an enemy are all actions regulated by a precise timing and a delicate feedback received from the virtual weapon (and the controller).

Bringing the entire trilogy to the new milestone of 60fps would not be a technical achievement. In my opinion, on the contrary, it could radically change the way the titles work, harming somehow the feeling between them and the gamers, and waste the superior impact of the visuals powered by the new technologies (Unreal Engine 4 first of all, I think).

So, while talking about single-player games, it is hopeful that games get overhauls regarding not only the visuals, but the frame-rate and other particular aspects involving the balance of the gameplay, too. With online titles, where pace and tactics have a greater importance, gamers should be really careful about what they demand.