Days Gone: Storyline And Freakers Details Hints at Action Adventure Survival Horror Like TLOU

 Days Gone: Storyline And Freakers Details Hints at Action Adventure Survival Horror Like TLOU

Days Gone is a new PS4 Exclusive survival horror game developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony. Soon it is going to make a grand entry at E3 2017. In this article, we will try to explore the facts about Days Gone, like its plot, gameplay, weapons and extra stuff. On YouTube, you can simply hit upon two videos. One is the Game Trailer showing the biker turned bounty hunter Deacon St. John and second a 10-minute Gameplay Demo offering a peek of how thrilling this latest game is. You can also check out both the videos in our news – Days Gone Will Make an Appearance at E3 2017.

Days Gone

Days Gone: Everything you want to know

About Days Gone:

The game development started in the year 2012 and went to full production in the year 2015. The game last released by SIE Bend Studio was Uncharted: Fight for Fortune in the year 2012 for PlayStation Vita. After that, there is no major release by the game studio. Now it looks they had taken quiet a long time to make one game perfect. Days Gone is made on Unreal Engine 4, the demo video showing dynamic weather, immersive graphics, and detailed characters.

Are there Zombies?

Well no, 2 years after Pandemic (plague) that turns a majority of the human population into this flesh eating monster called Freakers. Well, the name is not intriguingly horror but yes there is something new to feed upon. Till yet there are two kinds revealed, one those are in a crowd is the Freaker’s and there are smaller one called Mutes.

Days Gone Secrets

There are possibilities of more or these two will be the only part of your hunting. Days Gone is an Open World game, in the trailer you can have a glance of areas we will be going to see in the game. There are Forest, Village, Towns, factory, etc. Along with the protagonist, there is another character which hints towards co-op mode.

The Plot:

Days Gone Secrets

Deacon is a biker turned bounty hunter in the post-apocalyptic world. Some tragic incident turned his life upside down. He is probably part of some group, you can see the ring MC on his left hand. The same ring is another character that appears in the trailer wearing the same one. So Deacon possibly could be a leader or a part of this group who specialize in bounty hunting. At the end of the trailer, you will also see Sarah, which is probably Deacon’s wife or girl friend. Some tragedy with Sarah would have turned Deacon’s life into a mess.

NERO (National Emergency Research Organization):

Days Gone Secrets

In the one scene of the official trailer, we had seen a helicopter that belongs to NERO (National Emergency Research Organization). NERO could be the corporation behind the plague, similar to Resident Evil where Umbrella Corporation develops a T-virus that later spreads around the world turning all humans into flesh-eating zombies.


Days Gone Secrets

The bike is the only vehicle known so far and it needs petrol. In the Demo video, it is clearly shown a Petrol and a Check Engine Indicator on the bottom left of the screen with the map. This means the player will need to gather Petrol to drive a bike on distant location. Next is Check Engine light, if this is slow I assume that we need to drive back to some garage where we can have upgrades or fixes. This again will cost some in-game currency that Deacon can earn after bounty hunting.


The developer talked a bit about the enemies, the Demo video shows up two of them a tide of Freaker’s and Mute. They are surviving like us, they wander around the area to look for water to drink. In the Demo video, we had seen Freaker’s attacking and killing an injured human, they are probably feeding on us. A developer quote about them is below, you can also click the link to read the full news.

“Our guys are actually alive. They’re ‘Freakers.’ That’s what we’re calling them. This game is set two years after a pandemic wiped out most of the population and turned most of the rest of humanity feral. In a weird way, they’re trying to do everything you’re doing. They’re trying to survive. You can come upon areas in the game where they’re just looking for water to drink. They’re trying to stay alive,” Allen said.

Crafting Items & inventory:

Days Gone Secrets

The crafting system is also a crucial part of Days Gone, in the Demo Video at the beginning you can see the character uses an oil filter as a noise suppressor for his pistol. This also points out about the Freaker’s ability to get attracted towards sound similar to Zombies. Different items can be used to make bombs like below you can see a handcrafted time bomb ideal to set a trap for the horde. You can also use air bags to make air bombs. The bike is also your access to inventory, you can store your items in the bag for later usage. There will be recipes that are used to craft items for example making bombs. Once you have the recipe you can gather items for crafting.

Days Gone Secrets


The demo video shows a few weapons. They are the knife, a pistol, rifle, molotov cocktail and an axe. There won’t be any kind of hand to hand combat, instead of in an action scene when the character was attacked by the Mute, you have a few controls to block it. This is common in many games, after being attacked you can press the controls to block and then use your weapon to take it down. Freaker’s attack in a horde, you have to shoot a lot of rounds to kill them. Keeping this crucial point in mind, the weapons have a high amount of ammo storage. For example, the rifle stores up to 600 bullets with a slow reload time. The pistol can have around 100 ammo. I am expecting a good list of weapons in Days Gone.

Interactive Environment:

The horde of freaker’s is the most thrilling part yet which we had seen in the Demo. There are hundreds of them following to eat you, well the good thing is that there is a second line of defense you can use the interactive items in the game environment. For example using a time bomb near a pack of wooden logs, will not only kill a few enemies but slow down the horde for a while. A lot of items are arranged for your benefit, there is always a marker that will help you to locate them. Along with this, there are various routes, you are not limited to one path, you can climb up to the roof, slide down between trailers, etc. There is inflammable drum storage you can shoot to cause a blast. Talking about different locations there are deserted areas, human settlements, etc.


Days Gone Secrets

Maps will have check points, fast travel points along with wide unlocked areas. The current location will be visible on the tiny map on the bottom left of the screen with a stamina meter when you run. As you run the stamina goes down and it refills when you take a break. There is health bar in a curve shape attacked to the tiny map on the screen. There are med kits that you can pickup to heal yourself when attacked.

So far Days Gone plot reminds you of The Last of Us, Word War Z and The Walking Dead, and still thrilling enough to keep us interested. Days Gone release date is not yet announced, but we are expecting an update at E3 2017 along with more gameplay glimpse and hands-on demo.