DriveClub Free PS Plus Edition Delayed Due To Server Issue: A Great Excuse And Strategic Move From Sony


Driveclub was said to be the biggest thing ever in terms of racing titles. Set to be an exclusive racing title for the PlayStation 4, it became quite the surprise when Sony announced that there will be two different versions of the game. Not only was there the standard version which could be purchased through retail or the PlayStation Network but a completely free version for PlayStation Plus subscribers. However, at last minute Sony pulled the free PlayStation Plus edition, did Sony do this as a strategic move? We certainly think so.


For those unaware, Driveclub’s PlayStation Plus edition will have all the game modes unlocked including the online gameplay completely free for subscribers. Although there will be some limitations compared to the retail version mostly being the limited amount of cars and track locations.

Driveclub released earlier this month where reviews started to trickle in with just average review scores. This is certainly not what developers were hoping and expecting upon the video game release. To top that off, gamers have been experiencing server issues for Driveclub in which the video game director has openly admitted that this is a challenging issue to deal with. Sony has been using the server issues as the excuse to why Driveclub PlayStation Plus edition has been delayed. Though could there be more to why we’re not seeing the free edition of the game release on time?

Perhaps with the average review scores Driveclub has been receiving, Sony is holding off the PlayStation Plus subscribers edition of the game to milk more money out of the game. This would make sense as all the hype from the game would easily vanish if gamers decided to try the PlayStation Plus edition of Driveclub before purchasing the retail copy.

Also, even with server and connectivity issues a full retail version of DriveClub has been released and a free edition which would have utilize limited server resources is delayed. If Sony and Evolution Studios were so confident about DriveClub then they could have plan things more professionally and would have released a PlayStation Plus Edition couple of week before the release of retail version release.

Of course this is just our speculation (few awful decision of Sony and Evolution Studios points that delay is indeed a strategic move) as to why we’re not getting any updates or release notices for the Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition.

A week has already passed with no signs of when the Driveclub PlayStation Plus edition of the game will release. Apparently, Sony is still fixing some of the server issues of the game so it’s really unknown just how long we’ll be forced to wait until the game is released.

Tell us in the comment section below how many of you think that delaying PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub was more of a strategic move from Sony to milk in more cash for full retail version?