Dying Light vs Dead Island: Similarities And Dissimilarities

 Dying Light vs Dead Island: Similarities And Dissimilarities

With Dying Light recently launched, you might find the game holds some similarities to the Dead Island series. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise as the development of both the original Dead Island and Dying Light comes from Techland. The development company first created Dead Island video game but gave the rights to Deep Silver as it was the only deal that development team could get at the time. After the two companies ran into disagreements about the future of the Dead Island series, Techland decided to leave development of Dead Island 2 and start work on Dying Light.

Dying Light

Overall Design


The overall design is quite different between the Dead Island series and Dying Light. While you’ll be shown bright colorful worlds within Dead Island, Dying Light takes a gritty post-apocalyptic world approach. Dead Island tossed you in a luxury resort island with the sequel taking you to sunny side California where as Dying Light focuses on an expansive urban environment.



Both Dying Light and the Dead Island series takes part in an open-world environment filled with the undead. The original Dead Island starts you off as one of the characters enjoying their stay at a luxury island resort when the apocalypse starts leaving players to find a way off the island. The upcoming sequel, Dead Island 2 picks up several months after the events from the original title but this time players are stuck in a quarantine restricted zone in California.

Dying Light is a bit different where there is a defined goal right from the start along with the ability to take on different quests. Players take the role of Kyle Crane who is an undercover operative that is sent into an infected quarantine zone based out of ancient Turkey. Kyle is to locate a rogue agent that contains files which would put Kyle’s organization to rest.

Gameplay Mechanics


Dying Light and the Dead Island series both have similar gameplay mechanics. Players will be able to fight off the undead horde with a wide range of weapons. Throughout the game, gamers can craft new weapons of their own. What makes Dying Light stand out is that the game highly focuses on the parkour aspect which will give plays long agility for running through the streets, scaling buildings and jumping to different targets.


An interesting day and night cycle is present for Dying Light. During the day players will go out and scavenge items and resources with the zombies being slow and easier to handle. However, when the lights go out, zombies are faster and stronger. They are now able to climb, run, leap off buildings just as you are able to do.

Online Gameplay

Dying Light and the Dead Island series offer a cooperative multiplayer mode. While Dying Light will give the ability for up to four player coop, Dead Island 2 is said to bring eight player in one game. So while Dead Island 2 has the edge for the amount of friends that are able to join a game together, it all comes down to which title sounds more appealing.


If you’re looking for strictly a current generation console video game then Dead Island 2 may be your best bet. The game is set to release on only the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Dying Light on the other hand will be available on multiplayer platforms with a release set for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We want to know, are you playing Dying Light now or are you planning on picking up Dead Island 2 when the game releases later this year? Let us know in the comment section down below!