E3’s unforgettable Worst, Painful and Best moments in Gaming History


One of the most interesting part of the gaming world is E3; It is the highly awaited event of the year. Inaugurated in the year 1995, Electronic Entertainment Expo i.e. E3 becomes the area of excitement for the whole gaming industry. Everything happens at E3, be it game launches, announcements, trailers and last but not the least controversies.

With so much happening at one place, involvement of huge number of attendees, some magic is bound to happen. while E3 witnesses some of the best moments in the history of games, it cannot escape the worst ones and don’t forget those moments where we have no idea at all if the person in front of us has any idea of what he is doing on the E3 stage.

E3 expo

From the last 19 years of E3, such huge number of things have happened that if I try to list all of them in detail, I would never stop writing! So for starters I tried to categorize the E3 moments into Best, Worst and Painful.

Let’s see the Best/Memorable ones first:

1) PlayStation 4 – Crowd Reaction to DRM and Price – Sony E3 2013

This will be one of my favourite moments of E3 from E3 2013. Crowd was going crazy with every word Jack Tretton was saying. Check out the video to live those moments once again.

2) Sony’s unforgettable respectful apology for PSN Hack

Can anyone ever forget most unforgettable moment of PSN hacked in gaming history? In 2011, our beloved PSN was down for almost 1 month. That PlayStation Network outage cost Sony many things including personal details from approximately 77 million accounts were stolen making it one of the largest data security breaches in history and prevented users of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles from playing online through the service over 24 days. Everyone inlcuding users, media, investors etc criticized Sony’s failure to provide better security to the PSN users. After Sony fixed it and reopen PSN May 2011, Sony made numerous apologies including Respectful one at E3 2011.


3) PS3 price announcement

An Earth shattering announcement which made the gamers go bonkers. The price tag which PlayStation 3 carried came as a shock when it was announced at E3 2006 press conference. It was totally unexpected for a console to come out at such a high cost. $599 not only was a negative impact but it also overshadowed the actually power that the PlayStation 3 had.

The price announcement speech was embarrassing for both Sony and its loyal fans as it contradicted Sony’s overall promises. Checkout the video to get the clear picture of what I am talking about:

4) Mortal Kombat at E3 1995

Whatever Jax, Sonya and Kung Lao did in the following video at the launch of Mortal Kombat was more of a choreographed dance than an aggressive combat.

To make things worse the press representative babbled things like: “To make sure this MEGA event is also a MEGA success for retailers, Williams is tagging up this product release with the most comprehensive, fully integrated marketing program in the industry’s history.”

5) Wii Music drum solo

2008 E3 dint turn out to be the best time for Nintendo, it was the other way around. Wii Music was supposed to be a fun filled melodious experience, but to the horror of people attending this presentation, reality was brutal. Things descended further when DJ Ravi Drums, started playing drums! Ravi’s gestures combined with game’s much-less-than-rhythmic drums left everyone thunderstruck.

And here are the Most Painful ones:

6) E3 2010 Konami Press Conference Highlights

What if your partner is an undercover villain, what if he has your murder in mind? In these highlights you will witness Konami’s most pathetic moments from E3 2010. From bulgy wrestlers to a guy doing wonderful girly dance routine. Believe it or not but you will get to hear quotes like, “Now you can move your fat body freely” and “If you just continue to press the same button like the X, X, X, and Y, Y, Y, and X, X, and Y, Y, Y again, you will be sucked.” Konami were seeking attention and they definitely got it! Checkout this video for some painfully hilarious moments.

7) Jamie Kennedy at E3 2007

Companies attending E3 have made few bad decisions about who their hosts will be but this was worst of all. Activision made one of the biggest mistakes in their history of E3 appearance when they invited Jamie Kennedy to host their press conference at E3 2007.

For those who don’t know him, he is comedian but what he did at E3 2007 was disaster. He was performing drunk as sounded, and he brought lot of criticism on himself by just insulting audience through out the conference, he failed to say anything about industry. He had no idea of what he was talking and spitting some rubbish jokes.

What you guys think? Which of these were most memorable as best, worst or painful one? Any other E3 moment you think deserves to be in this list, please let us know in comments.