EA: tablets could become more powerful than consoles, but will they survive next two years?

EA believes that iPad and tablets in general will be more powerful than the modern consoles in the next few years.

Technology grows fast and expands even faster. What we thought was powerful yesterday, is not powerful anymore. So tablets and smartphone, that these days are limited in gaming, could be the best platform for that purpose in just four years. At least, this is the idea of Electronic Arts’ CFO Blake Jorgensen, who talked about this matter at the Technology Internet & Media Conference 2015.

Xbox One vs PS4

This point of view is pretty curious, but we can’t say it is not expected: Electronic Arts has always been among the publishers that believe most in mobile gaming

In my opinion, this is hard to believe for two reasons. First of all, gamers don’t look like they’re ready to leave their traditional gaming platforms. PC and consoles are still the sole owners of the gamers’ hearts, we could say romantically speaking, so I don’t believe hardware manufacturers will ever be interested in producing smartphones and tablets powerful enough to compete with Microsoft, Sony and even Nintendo platforms. That would be too expensive based on the market’s demand.

Furthermore, we can predict the future of tablets. While smartphones seems to have good mid and long term prospectives, Apple and Samsung, the main protagonists in the market, don’t look like they have many ideas to keep the technology running beyond the milestones reached so far. Consumers are already starting to think that tablets will end up being the new netbooks, portable computers that were supposed to replace the notebooks.

Notebooks are still there, as tablets are. But we don’t know whether they will have a new, more powerful place in the next four years or will disappear at all. I won’t bet on that.