Elder Scrolls Online: How it can be more successful than Skyrim

 Elder Scrolls Online: How it can be more successful than Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls has been known for making great games since the beginning. With no flops and only great titles, each one with the highest end graphics and engines of the day, the Elder Scrolls Online looks to become another hit. Both similar to their previous titles in world and occupants, becoming an online game means some significant changes in the world of the Elder Scrolls.

Elder Scrolls Online

What should they do in order to make Elder Scrolls Online even more successful than The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, released last year? Let’s take a look.


With so many races available to play as, what’s left? Well, besides the varying human races available to play as, we have the Argonian’s, the Kajhit, and the Orcs. But two races that have been featured, yet not playable are the Snow Elves and the Dwemer. The Dwemer, or dwarves, are a highly advanced race that has been totally wiped out by the time the events of Skyrim roll around. Only their great underground lairs with steam powered mechanical protectors remain, along with the Falmer that lurk within. These blind, terrifying creatures are the mutated, twisted forms that the snow elves have become. Actually seeing and playing as these often mentioned but never seen characters would be more than fantastic. Perhaps we will see the great war that was talked about. Maybe we’ll even get to be a part of it.


Every gamer well versed in the online gaming world knows that the key to a balanced questing party is one with people of all skills. The ‘class’ as its often called is murky to define at best in Skyrim. Archers are able to wield magic and two-handed fighters can grab a bow with no problem. This could be potentially very problematic in an online world, and while we love the options to enhance skills in pretty much whatever we wanted in Skyrim, something like that won’t easily work in an online setting. The perks for races should have more of an impact on playable skills, perks more readily noticeable. Restrictions should be set for whatever main weapons are chosen by the players, whether its swords or magic, to streamline gameplay for optimal use in questing parties, raids, and more.

The Elder Scrolls

The namesake of the games was finally introduced in Skyrim. This ancient item is described as being a leftover fragment of creation. With something so important, perhaps we will finally be able to see more of it. Epic raids for the possession of such objects wouldn’t be hard to fathom. Or maybe we can use these illusive treasures to go back in time and meet some of our favorite characters from past Elder Scrolls titles, perhaps being able to partake in some of those quests once again.

The Guilds

With so many guilds to join in the games, there should be no end to the quests, raids, and unique trainable skills in Elder Scrolls Online. But, as such, it should be more difficult to be accepted into each guild and should reap more rewards. Becoming part of the Mages Guild should take more than a single simple spell as it did in Skyrim. Thieving should have more consequences and more purpose. The slaughtering of normal townsfolk should be more reflective on a person. While all the guilds are already fairly well planned, with certain elements more or less expected, there’s definitely room for improvement.
That being said, what about new guilds? Or perhaps new takes on old guilds? With so much of Tamriel available to explore, surely we haven’t seen all of the guilds in existence. Some have been mentioned in passing dialogue. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to join up some of these, such as an assassination guild mentioned in passing that was the enemy of the Dark Brotherhood.

Past Locations – But New Ones Too!

It’s safe to say that many cities will be rather familiar to us as we travel through Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online. But while the ancient tombs of fallen heroes, castles and hubs of trade already seen are well and good, we don’t want the developers to forget about new and exciting places for us to explore in traditional Elder Scrolls style. While a nostalgia trip is fine now and again, Elder Scrolls Online shouldn’t become a whirwind tour of all the important locations that we’ve visited in the past five titles. Give us new dragon infested ruins to explore, booty-trapped tombs to recover lost treasures in, and undead infested castles to save. Surprise us, wow us, but done bore us with places we’ve already seen.

The Elder Scrolls Online already has us on the edge of our seats and waiting for more. What will be revealed to us in the months before its release is anyone’s guess. But certain things we want to see, others we don’t, all topped with a healthy dose of surprise. The first online title in the Elder Scrolls series has the potential for a cult following to rival that of World of Warcraft at the height of its reign. Will it deliver? Perhaps it’s too early to say. But we can still dream about what we’ll find once we being the long, but not lonely, trek through the wild lands of Tamriel in search of adventure.