Episode Duscae Shows How Good The Development of FFXV On PS4/XOne Is Shaping Up: Real Square Enix Back To Life?


Final Fantasy XV is my new god. Square Enix has fired up once again my gaming enthusiasm and, as a fan of the saga, I am genuinely happy after some iterations of the series that didn’t live up everyone’s expectations. Looking back without any anger, Square Enix tried and found the way to innovate, to completely change some of the roots of Final Fantasy once approaching the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation. So Final Fantasy XIII was born, and then, based on a success that hardcore gamers still can’t understand, followed two more episodes that quite frankly won’t have any place in the books of history.

Final Fantasy XV

I can understand, anyway, the reasons that pushed Square Enix to leave the classic formula of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and X, even though that conquered gamers’ hearts, but I see the the reasons they were wrong, too. They chose the wrong path to try and innovate the JRPG genre. In an era where developers were striving to create greater and greater worlds to explore, Square had the bizarre idea to create and publish a game more focused on turn-based combats. Those were magnificent, boss battles included, but why reduce the famous Final Fantasy’s shops to a sole and sad menu?

That choice was simply wrong, and Bethesda and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim showed why one year later, claiming the throne as the best role-playing game ever. With that said, the Japanese developer seems now like it has got the lesson. New era’s gamers are used to worlds and universe they can explore free from linear paths, when it comes to RPGs. Final Fantasy XV, standing to what we have seen so far from developers’ videos, reflects this expectation, on the contrary of the project – Final Fantasy Versus XIII – that initially was supposed to bring it to life.

Episode Duscae, a demo version of the complete game that will be available to early adopters of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, has been largely displayed in the last few days and showed how good the development of Final Fantasy XV is shaping up. The title includes large areas to explore, populated by big monsters that act according to the behavior of the party and human-like enemies that have their play in the nearest borders of the city. Combat is now completely in real-time, but doesn’t renounce to the massive presence of HUD and stats that has made somehow the Japanese role-playing game genre popular.

Graphics are at the state of art and include a night&day full cycle that will have an impact on how each quest works. Sounds like Square Enix and Kojima Productions had some talk before showing up their games, doesn’t? Let us know in the comments section if you share this hype for the next big Final Fantasy thing coming up or you are skeptical after the debacle of the XIII trilogy.