Exclusive Interview: Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey, A Unique Gameplay Experience With PS4 Camera

Here is our full interview with Grande Games, developer behind upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive title “Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey”, a hybrid motion game, using the PlayStation 4 Eye camera and the Dualshock 4 controller simultaneously. We talked with “André Noller” on numerous topics related to “Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey” such as possible Xbox One version, from where does the inspiration for this unique concept came from, co-op mode and many more things.

Grande Games Team

Read below to find out everything you need to know about this unique title.

Gamepur: The concept for Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey is really unique; you guys describe the game as “Yoga-Action-Platformer”. I am really curious to know from where does the inspiration came from?

Andre Noller: After having so much fun messing around with our very first prototypes and watching each other play, we said “Dude, you look like a Yoga guru in action”. So it was clear to us, that we’ve found a pretty cool gameplay concept and wanted to develop it further.

Gamepur: The footage you send to us showed basic concept (very early prototype) of Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey. We are curious to know what all things we can expect to see in final build of this game, “aliens and what more”?

Andre Noller: We have designed a new prototype where you have only a limited amount of platforms for each challenge. This way you have to think how you position and shape the platforms to e.g. overcome an abyss or make your way up on a giant wall or through a pit filled with deadly alien creatures. We also have enemies that will push you off your platforms when you get to close, so you have to avoid them carefully when positioning and building your platforms.

Another enemy type will slowly eat your platforms away, so you have to fight them off with your light saber or you’ll fall down. So rest assured, we have so many other concepts how we will make you guys think, build and have a great time playing our game 🙂

Gamepur: What’s development status on Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey right now?

Andre Noller: We have finished the pre-production phase and are currently looking for a way to cover our cost of living, so that we can continue to work full time on the game.

Gamepur: Somewhere we heard that Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey will feature “On-The-Fly” Co-op Mode. Can you provide us some details on this mode.

Andre Noller: You will be able to play the game with a friend without selecting a specific coop mode. This means, you can always have a friend drop in and play the game with you locally. So if you want to sit down on the couch and be the commander you can simply switch positions without pausing the game. During our playtesting sessions, the coop mode turned out to be a ton of fun and adds a new experience. Fun fact: in almost every session, the player holding the controller turned out giving commands to the player in front of the camera e.g. “now make me a bridge! No, no, lean more to the right!!!” So it adds a lot of replay value to the game, since you have different experience in either the role of the commander or the cadet performing the platforms. And of course it is a pleasure to watch your buddy make some insane Yoga moves 😉

Gamepur: Does Grandé Games have any plan to implement other amazing features of DualShock 4 controller like Touchpad, Lightbar in Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey?

Andre Noller: As for now, we want to fully concentrate on the mechanic of shaping platforms and make sure that it works flawlessly on a technical level and is implemented smartly into the gameflow. But the Dualshock 4 is a very well thought and designed input device with so much potential, that we already have a ton of ideas how to implement those additional features into a successor to Commander Cherry or a new game. This also suits our product strategy, since we want to make a range of innovative, creative and fun motion control games, so that gamers can experience their motion control hardware in a lot of different and fun ways.

Gamepur: It’s really a surprising to know that Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey, a hybrid motion game coming exclusively to PS4?, Why there’s no Xbox One version, considering the fact that whenever a “motion game” term is used, Kinect is the first thing that comes to people mind.

Andre Noller: We initially pitched our game to Sony and Microsoft. Sony gave us the chance to develop our game for their platform. We are only a team of two people, hence we want to focus on one platform to get the most out of it and deliver the best game possible. We really love working with Sony, they stand to their statements and treat small developers with respect and take them seriously. I think we are one example for this doctrine.

Gamepur: We have fallen in love with the lead character “Commander Cherry”, the prototype model was really hilarious one and eye-catching. Can you provide me some more details on Commander Cherry?

Andre Noller: Commander Cherry is a famous space lord and a noble adventurer. He may have gotten a little out of form lately (too much delicious cherry-pie) but that is not a problem. He invented the DS4 Platform Builder and is currently looking for a cadet to assist him during his adventures. The applicants should have some insane Yoga skills, so that they can build just the right platform for every dangerous situation Commander Cherry might find himself in!

Gamepur: Is PS4 a dream machine for developers (if YES, How and Why)?

Andre Noller: Working with Sony is really productive and uncomplicated. Since this is our first console project, I can’t compare and make an objective statement. So I can’t say if it is the dream machine, but the help and respect we experienced so far is more than we dreamt of.

Gamepur: What you guys have to say about PS4’s Unified Architecture and 8GB GRRD5 RAM?

Andre Noller: WOW 🙂

Gamepur: Few final words you want to share with you fans and PlayStation 4 gamers out there?

Andre Noller: We are here to make fun games for your motion control hardware, so that you can experience games with fresh and innovative control and game design concepts and get the most out of your purchase! Sounds like corporate blabla, but we mean it! Stay tuned and spread the word! 🙂

Gamepur: Thank You For Taking Your Precious Time To Respond To Questions on Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey. Wish You All The Best For “Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey”.

Andre Noller: Thank you for your interest 🙂 Let’s keep in touch! Best regards, André and Georg

Watch Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey Early Prototype Footage below: