Fallout 4: 10 Mindblowing Improvements Bethesda Made

 Fallout 4: 10 Mindblowing Improvements Bethesda Made

Fallout 4 has been part of more criticism and complaints since the week after its release. The Players are complaining about the game mechanics and user’s gameplay which tends to remain same? Well, we have a list of 10 Mindblowing Improvements Bethesda have ever made in Fallout 4 which you might have missed.

‚Äč10 Mindblowing Improvements

Before we Move on to the list of Mindblowing Improvements from Bethesda we would like you to know that this List was made from the things the players and Fallout 4 fans liked about the game. If you have something related to share then feel free to post them below in the comments section.

10 Mindblowing Improvements Bethesda Made

  1. The first Improvements in our list is the best thing Bethesda has done by taking the same enemies we are fighting in the Fallout series. We have a terrifying experience with our very first Mole Rat encounter similarly with the trigger of a horde of ghouls. Player have liked the unexpected sounds and the sudden appearance of the enemies which also makes not less than a Horror game.
  2. Every player has a different playing style, but when we saw that the skills and perk system is now combined we were more than happy as it made it easy for us to avoid missing dozen skill points to every level.
  3. Unlike Fallout 3 the Raiders are now been Humanized rather than the personality of feral ghouls. This makes it easier to read and listen to their conversation with other groups and to get a note of each other. They have been drastically improved with skill level where they can take cover and many more.
  4. If you have noticed the increased details of wasteland during the exploration, the developers have taken care of each and every detail in the game which includes the underwater objects, hidden roofs, loots, in safes and corpses. Even the fun part added like teddy bears dressed funny or skeletons in weird or funny or deeply sad positions and many more.
  5. The Companions are extremely well designed from the behavior(interacting) of dogmeat till the other friendship with the random companions. Even though you tend to meet Codsworth first in the game, but Dogmeat have proved us the position of what a companion are for. No matter how hard you go on him he will also be with you and help you with finding the collectibles.
  6. Coming next to the settlement part, we have a very good plus point from Bethesda that if you ignore the settlers and radiant quest then you have the ability to build your own House right from the beginning. With the Inventory part, we were less satisfied as we have to travel all the way to New Vegas in order to use the crafting station.
  7. The game sets to be easy right from the start as the you get nice goodies from the wasteland in first few hours of gameplay. This Goodie includes Fatman, a set of Power Armor, weapons mods, and many more. This was lacking in the previous Fallout series.Sneak Perk is also now a perk which can help the player to upgrade and play the entire game as a silent assassin ninja. Power Armor works more as a modifiable vehicle depending on the fusion cores and Upgrades, for example, X01 shouldn’t show up until you reach very high levels like 50+.
  8. No matter which playstyle you choose you will have each and every perk useful for your next move. There are certain exceptions like Cannibal which we guess is ignored by many.
  9. The Terminals and Locks have been sorted at great extent. You are now unable to break the locks and lock yourself permanently in a terminal. This was specially made to avoid jumping over the hoops and for the external mods.
  10. Last but not the Least the SPECIAL entries are now legitimate trade-offs which will completely remove the dump stats. If you notice carefully the difference between the play in initial build-outs like for example INT in New Vegas were most favorite for the skill points whereas the CHA was a dump as they were only related to the Speech skill. The Difference is hardly noticeable.