Fallout 4: These Are 7 Best and Ultra Rare Melee Weapons

 Fallout 4: These Are 7 Best and Ultra Rare Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are something very useful in survival games, when you have to deal with ammo scarsity all over the adventure and you can’t use as much as you would like fire weapons. This happens with Fallout 4, too, although it’s not a proper survival game but a role-playing title set in a post-apocalyptic world. And, we would say, this is one of the most interesting components in the entire game, so it is really worth learning more about it and especially how to deal with it in order not to face the game over screen too many time while trying not to waste ammo. So, without further a do, here’s our top 7 melee weapons in Fallout 4 for you to scavenge or buy them in the game.

Fallout 4 Melee Weapon


Kremvh’s Tooth is at the Dunwich Borers, an abandoned quarry taken over by some raiders. Take them down and you will have a chance to reach a door granting for your access to the area. Once you enter it you will face a few more enemies so you can access a cavern, then you will see a third zone where you will find a pool of water. Jump into the water, then to the left and up, to find the weapon you were looking for since the beginning of this little journey.


You will get the Shem Drowne’s sword in the mission “The Gilded Grasshopper” triggered by Nick Valentine’s Detective Agency. You will have to face mutants, so watch out. Once you reach the rooftop, you will find the Gilded Grasshopper which will tell you to go to the grave of Shem, buried in a casket: dig up and open the casket, and you will find the Shem Drowne’s sword.


In a locked display case behind the front desk at Hubris Comics store you will find the Grognak’s Axe. The only problem is the advanced lock tool you will need to open the door, but it’s actually worth a try.


You will get the furious power fist by beating the boss fight at Swan’s Pond. Defeat the Swan, a giant super mutant you will find at this location, and the weapon will be yours. The only con with this weapons is you can’t use it while in your power armor, by the way you can customize it to have a damage stat of 62 and weapons speed of medium.


You can get this weapon, a spiked baseball bat, at Moe’s in Diamond City. It’s not much expensive and can reveal really useful especially if you don’t want a melee weapon to be your first choice in a fight, but just a secondary weapon to have equipped in emergency cases.


You will meet a lady named Trudy at the Drumlin Liner. She has the General Chao’s Revenge, with the special ability to deal 50% more damage against robots and Sentries. You can also get it for 1709 bottle caps.


At the Saugus Ironworks you will have to defeat the Slag miniboss and his gangsters in order to get the Shishkebab, a giant sword with a flamethrower attached to it. Of course, this is one of the most powerful melee weapons you could ever imagine to get in a video game.