Fallout 4: Top 5 Cities/Locations Bethesda Should Visit


As we barely contain ourselves for the announcement and grand reveal of Fallout 4, we can go nuts about where the game will be set. There’s little to practically no information regarding the game quite yet with developers from Bethesda Games keeping tight lipped about the title. So as we get closer to closing that gap for a massive video game announcement, let’s talk about some of the cities we would like to see the game feature.

Fallout 4

We’re sticking within the United States but hey, go international all you wish down in the comment section below! Got a city in mind for the game within the U.S.? Then feel free to let us know in the comments as well.

Detroit, Michigan

Fallout 4 Detroit Michigan

This city certainly gets quite a bit of flack as being crime and almost apocalyptic in itself. While Detroit had its fare share of trouble, there’s more that meets the eye. This is a city made of strong willed people, a booming automotive market, theaters, arenas, play houses, venues, even a Belle Isle which was overseen by Frederick Law Olmsted, the chief architect of New York City’s Central Park. Dig deep, you’ll uncover new and exciting locations themed and even marketed around certain items and even past that are several smaller unique cities surrounding.

Boston, Massachusetts / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fallout 4 Set In Pennsylvania

We’re basing this point purely on history of the United States. Because of that, we can’t just pick one, believe me I tried to wrap my brain around by just choosing one and it’s not easy. Boston holds some rich history that ties to The Revolutionary War but so does Philadelphia. Philadelphia is where the United States became a country but Boston had the first American Flag raising. Besides the history of America, both cities are alive with a wide range of their own attractions. From the exterior of the cities and diversity landscapes, you’ll have tough time beating out these two locations.


Fallout 4 Hawaii

We don’t have a particular location in mind for Hawaii but as a whole it would make a unique experience. The beautiful islands that make up Hawaii holds lush environments, a dynamic weather system would be perfect. Certain locations would have scarce humanity, races and factions while other islands could hold giant communities all of which may be attempting to reach contact with the rest of the United States. A very cool concept I would certainly love to see play out in a Fallout title.

New York City, New York

Fallout 4 New York

Come on you didn’t think we would leave New York City out of the list did you? The gigantic city filled with incredible sights, this metropolis would be an ideal location for Fallout 4. From the subways, skyscrapers, various roads and outside suburbia’s there’s all kinds of neat little things we could see happen in the fourth main installment. Just think of the battles between different races while scaling the urban city.

Austin, Texas

Fallout 4 Texas

Lastly, Texas would make a good location for Fallout 4. The Wild West would make a return in full force with humanity trying to make a living in a post-apocalyptic world. Some of the interesting facts we’ve learned about Texas is that the state has enough registered machine guns to arm every undergraduate at UCLA and the leader in wind energy for the U.S. with their wind farm 4.5 times the size of Manhattan! There will be sections that contain power up buildings and communities, a wide range of weaponry and to top it off it borders Mexico, something we could some see show up in Fallout 4 similar to how Rockstar did Red Dead Redemption.