Fallout 4: Underwhelming Graphics/Visuals Due To Artistic Choice or Is It Going To Be A Mixed Bag?

Bethesda has delivered the first trailer for Fallout 4 yesterday, and gamers around the world have provided much different feedback to the Maryland developer. Many have started to discuss about the storyline, and the connection between this new game and the earlier chapters, but many others have preferred to focus on the graphics, claiming Bethesda’s work on this aspect has not been up to their expectations. What we have noticed most, anyway, is the choice of not recurring to computer graphics for this unveil trailer, as lots of fans were expecting.

Fallout 4


Bethesda has provided fans with a clear message. A computer graphics trailer would have meant that Fallout 4 was far away from the release, probably going for a 2016 or even 2017 launch. Being in-game, this first trailer states Fallout 4 has been long in development. Furthermore, Bethesda will hold a press conference on June 14, where more gameplay scenes and details will be offered to the public. It clearly means Fallout 4 is almost ready for its release, which will likely happen between October and November 2015.

Publishing an in-game trailer, of course, means Bethesda has accepted the idea of being accused of low-profile graphics, as it actually happened. What I think, anyway, is that the trailer has showcased a very particular visual style, almost cartoony and very distant from Fallout 3 dark mood. This minimalistic and much colored style is way less realistic than Fallout 3, and that’s way, I believe, it has disappointed many fans around the world. But it doesn’t mean Fallout 4 will have cheap graphics: have you seen the first screenshots published via Facebook by Bethesda? I don’t think we can tell those “disappointing”…

Looking at the trailer, anyway, it is a bit strange to notice a clear difference in tone and overall quality between environments and characters. For example, let’s take a look at the dog and the main, still-unnamed but for the first time voiced protagonist.

Fallout 4 Graphics Controversy Screenshot 1

Fallout 4 Graphics Concern Screenshot 2

As you can see, details are sparse on both the characters, reflecting somehow what we said before: Bethesda could have worked on a minimalistic and cartoony graphical style, way different from what we have been used so far by both Fallout 3 and Skyrim.

Then, there are environments.

Fallout 4 Environment Screenshot 1

Fallout 4 Environment Screenshot 2

Fallout 4 Environment Screenshot 3

Looking at the environments, we can see Bethesda has not been stingy with raw power, providing an impressive draw distance and the level of detail you would expect from a next-gen only production. Boston has also dark spots that remember quite a bit of Fallout New Vegas, so the theory of a game with a minimalistic and cartoony visual style doesn’t seem realistic at this point, or at least doesn’t match with the characters’ models.

What happened, then? Could have it been only a matter of compression due to YouTube’s videos? Is it really an artistic choice from the developer or is Fallout 4 going to be a mixed bag from this perspective? Share your thoughts in the dedicated section below: we also accept “I don’t care at all” comments, this time around.