FIFA 16: 5 Amazing Tips To Pass Your Way Through The Goal

FIFA 16 has a slower pace in comparison with the latest issue in the series, so people might be a bit confused about the way they should run to the goal, especially in the midfield. While in FIFA 15 you could make a long series of passes without being intercepted by your opponent, this year we have a much more physical game, that puts your nerve under a tough test. Let’s take a look at how you can win the passing game, then, in the following list of tips.


1. be patient

FIFA 16 has visibly been slowed down, as we said, in regards with the older games of the series. To be honest, it’s not something that comes unexpected, instead it’s part of a process begun with FIFA 14 in our opinion. So, you’d better try and focus on being really patient while moving the ball, also because there will be many people especially online that doesn’t care about the evolution of the game and always tries to be the one who runs his way to the opponent’s half – that guy is the guy who’s going to lose a lot of matches this year.

2. use your fullbacks

As part of being really patient, you should really learn to use your fullbacks not just as means of defense, but also as a true and useful component in building your own play style. Let them handle the ball when you’ve got time to manage or simply want time to pass a little faster than your opponent would want. My two suggestions: have at least one fullback who’s good with his feet and avoid the pass-and-go feature, unless you’ve got a few goals to do in the last part of the match.

3. pass the ball to the players who can handle it

Football is a beautiful game, if played by those who can handle the ball. Don’t misunderstand, it’s also a game that needs people à la Felipe Melo, who’re mainly good in kicking asses all around the pitch, but being as slow as reality means FIFA 16 needs good players to be protagonists. You should have a “maestro” just like Andrea Pirlo has been for years in the Italian national team or in AC Milan and Juventus, and you should have him covered with one faster player and one more physical, so you can properly build up a good offensive maneuver and defend as the God of football teaches us all. I’ve tried playing with 4-3-3 this way, the game doesn’t seem to appreciate that much because the striker feels too lonely in the opponent’s area, so you might be willing to give 4-3-1-2 a try, too

4. what about lob?

Lobbing can be sometimes a good idea, too, unless you’re playing with FC Barcelona and your strikers are Messi, Suarez and Neymar. What I want to say is that you’ll need people with good physical stats in the opponent’s area to have successful lobs. If you don’t, just give up with lobs and start playing the ball with your own feet through the opponent’s area. Of course, let your midfield “maestro” handle the job.

5. pass and go

I always see my friend and people on the Internet claiming the players from the midfield up being too static. Well, that’s partially true, because when it comes to long passes players tend to wait for the ball to come in their feet instead of going towards it. Anyway, there’s a very simple tool that will help you, together with the new “passing with purpose” (RB+A for Xbox, R1 + X for PlayStation) feature that makes the ball arrive faster to its supposed destination, in doing this: it’s the “pass-and-go”. Pass and go allows you to have players always in movement throughout the pitch, and you should really always use it when you need to speed up the match. Do it with everyone apart from your midfield playmaker and central fullbacks, as it’s fundamental especially with the guys on the wings.