Five Best Android Games Of 2013 Including Temple Run 2 And Subway Surfers

Nowadays, the word Andriod is used in our everyday language, for many of us; it has become an integral part of our lives. Android is something which placed our lives on a higher level. This revolutionary operating system has introduced us to the world of amazing high-end applications and video games. In fact games on mobile platforms like Android and iOS are getting reputation like handheld consoles.


Here at Gamepur we have never discussed Andriod, sad isn’t it? But from now on we will! And as this is ‘Gamepur’ we will talk about nothing else in Android but the GAMES powered by it. So for starters lets go through few of the best Android games of 2013

Thor : The Dark World

Thor is back with a sequel, this time it is Thor: The Dark World. But this android powered game is not as dark as its name. The makers Gameloft have lived upto their reputation again, delivering smooth graphics, a story-line to match with that of the movie and elements which make this game a fun filled experience.

Thor: The Dark World

Gaining control of the game is not difficult at all, just tap your screen to direct Thor, draw a thunderbolt on the screen or its icon for a special power attacks, tap your screen with two fingers to toss Thor’s famous hammer Mjolnir.

To complete each stage a player needs to kill all the enemies that come in Thor’s path and also destroy some objects to gain coins or gems. Depending on your performance during each stage you are given stars.

Thats not all yet! one of the interesting feature of Thor: The Dark World is that you can summon help, which arrivers in the form of the dangerous Einherjar, to put it in simple words, they are soldiers with different abilities.

To sum it up Thor: The Dark World is one of the few must have games of 2013.

Subway Surfers

Most of the android users have played this game at-least once in their lives; if not then I would recommend trying it!. This running game was initially launched in 2012, but later from 2013 there are a variety of versions available based on the ‘world tour theme’ which include New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Rome, Tokyo, Miami, Paris, Beijing, Moscow, New Orleans and London.

Subway Surfers

The difference between all these versions is as anyone can guess; they are all set in different locations. But the game-play and controls remain the same.

The graphics can be classified as cute! Nice peppy music to go along with the game. The main character and his friend are caught making graffiti on trains which kick starts a chase. But that’s not all, to make things more interesting, the player needs to complete missions, achieve power-ups that help you run faster, get more coins or clear obstacles.Once you start with any version of Subway Surfers it’s hard to get bored.

Temple Run 2

Few of us know that Temple Run, an endless running game, was originally meant for iOs, but when it was ported to Android it became an instant hit. After releasing versions like Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Oz, which were meant for movie promotions, Imangi Studios released its sequel on 24th of January, called Temple run 2.

Temple Run 2

The gigantic difference in Temple Run and Temple Run 2 would be the highly improved graphics, also there are many more for a loyal fan to figure out. Few of the other major differences would be that the main character runs faster, the three monkeys that chased it are replaced by a single huge one, new obstacles are introduced like mine tracks, jets of fire, zip lines etc.

Temple Run 2 is a visual delight, with improved graphics and detailed landscape, jets of fire which look so real, rotating grinders and other things that would skip your heartbeat.

Temple Run 2 is, without any second thoughts, better, addictive and one of the most interesting games on 2013.

Gravity Guy 2

Gravity Guy 2 a sequel to the famous Gravity Guy was released on 2nd of October. Unlike its predecessor, Gravity Guy 2 does not have any jump button; instead, a player needs to control the whole platform by holding it to rise and releasing the screen to let it drop. Also, like the previous version, no laws of physics are broken in this one.

Gravity Guy 2

Including me, some of you would initially feel that the controls are a bit difficult to learn, but once you are into it the fun element starts showing. Even though Gravity Guy 2 is not an intense game, but it does not seize to be a wonderfully amazing one.

Clash of Clans

This multiplayer strategy game was released on 30th of September by a Finland based company Supercell. The objective of this game is simple: protect the village you created from enemies, kill others while trying to not get slashed.

Clash of Clans

So for doing that, you have to build an army and train it to launch attacks on other players. (This is a multiplayer game remember?) Then where are we supposed to use brains?

Well.. We have to create an impenetrable defense base, place our well trained troops where there are higher chances of a battle because if you don’t, you can lose that part pretty quickly.

If asked to rate this game, it would be around 8-9 out of 10. With decent graphics and a strong objective Clash of Clans is one of the most addictive games.