Five Locations Rockstar Games Should Visit For Grand Theft Auto VI


While many gamers are still waiting for the first story­based DLC for GTA V and Michael Pachter is sure that Rockstar Games will introduce a new IP in 2016, I am already dreaming about some of the cities and locations that the developer could explore for the next episode of the Grand Theft Auto series. My desire for Grand Theft Auto VI would be a location never seen before in a video game, or at least in a chapter of the long­running open world saga.


Before playing the game, I was a bit disappointed with the choice of Los Santos for GTA V, as the location was already well known by fans and gamers thanks to the previous iterations. Same thing with GTA IV and Liberty City, with Rockstar Games more keen to look at story and cinematic storytelling rather than gameplay mechanics and new locations themselves.

Time to change, then? Probably yes, and probably Rockstar is willing to do that as the Hong Kong spin­off for portable consoles has been a commercial success. The dream of a new city – or an entire (little?) country – to explore could therefore come true, also thanks to the power of the current­gen hardware and to the fact that the series’ iconic cities have already been used at least twice.

So, what cities should Rockstar Games visit for Grand Theft Auto VI? These are my ideas…



Yes, I am Italian. And yes, just a few games have locations in Italy nowadays. It would be amazing to have the next episode of the GTA saga set in Rome, the eternal city, where the sun is shining and landscapes, thanks to the monuments from the Roman Empire era, are simply awesome.

The Italian capitol city would be perfect in terms of variety, since it is capable of mixing modernity with rural areas, something Rockstar Games already achieved with the latest Los

Santos. Talking about the storyline, I will only say “Vatican” to explain how much controversy could come out of a game like this, even before the day one – marketing is among the best things Rockstar Games can actually do.



An European Grand Theft Auto VI could be set in the United Kingdom, too, in particular in the mighty London. Pop culture and references to the latest trends are something Rockstar Games

loves particularly, and it would be easy to adapt the game – from the States to UK ­ to the original mechanics of the series.

I am dreaming of it like some sort of mix between Trainspotting and The Italian Job, with the dirty downtowns of the capitol city, populated with drug addicted and dealers, encountering

sophisticated streets and vehicles, and thefts.



That would be mystical. Sydney’s landscapes offer deserts à la Breaking Bad – so you already know what might happen over there ­, already explored in GTA V, and the intriguing twist of the “singular” wildlife. A location like this, being based so far from the Western world, could be useful in recalling some old character from the recent (and not) past of the franchise. Just in case Rockstar lacks interesting protagonists, you know, or the request for more Trevor or CJ gets bigger and bigger.



Technological and mysterious, Tokyo would be a good bet for the next episode of the Grand Theft Auto series. Like Rome and London, it offers a great variety of landscapes and tradition mix perfectly with the modern pop culture. Talking about Tokyo and GTA VI, anyway, I think immediately to the skyline, jumping off a building with a parachute in the night… And don’t forget the off­road tracks, and the dynamic weather system Rockstar Games could implement with it.



A completely different culture, with the arab money pumping in its veins, would be as over the top as exactly Rockstar Games likes. Do you remember Yusuf Amir from Grand Theft Auto IV? Then you know what could come up from a new episode of the long­running saga set in Qatar. This would my last option just because I truly desire a new GTA set in Europe but, I’ll be honest, it could be interesting as well.

What do you think of these options? Let us know in the comments section below.