For Honor Closed Beta Impression: Battle Booked For Valentine’s Day

Battlefield 4 Beta Screenshot 1

For Honor surely is Ubisoft’s biggest release of 2017. The game was announced at the E3 2015 (a CGI and a gameplay demo were shown at the event), and immediately it caught the attention of gaming community and the critics all thanks to the melee combat system described (by Ubisoft) as “The Art of Battle”. For Honor allows players to take on the roles of historical soldiers such as Medieval knights, Samurai, and Vikings, and is set within a Medieval fantasy setting.

For Honor Closed Beta

For Honor is Ubisoft’s first attempt at developing a hack and slash video game. The structure of the game is inspired by shooter games. It is scheduled to launch on February 14 worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The console version of the game is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Blue Byte developed the game’s PC version. It has both single-player and multiplayer mode.

We recently got a chance to try out the game via Closed Beta. Here is our Closed Beta impressions:

In For Honor, you get to choose your faction or class, namely Vikings, Knights, and Samurais. Each one of the fractions represents their culture and unique fighting style, so you’ll choose the warrior fraction to which you feel connected from within. It is for warriors, not for peacekeepers.

You don’t want to skip tutorials in For Honor, they are very crucial to your success in a game. You can’t jump into fights without practice or watching tutorial videos, even if you are a pro in many other games of the same genre, you want to go through tutorials in For Honor for sure. From Main Menu, go to How to Play Section to play practice modes and see strategy videos about Game Modes and Fighting Techniques. Without learning proper controls you’ll be wasted in gameplay, yes, For Honor is that difficult in Start, Playing with Controller is much easier than playing with Keyboard and Mouse.

Apart from practice mode, you can either go with 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 Dominion mode. But to gain access to Multiplayer you need to fight the commander of your faction but that won’t be easy, you’ll need to practice and spend some time in learning fights with AI before attempting to defeat the commander of your fraction which took me a good amount of time. Along with gear and character customization, I found Emblem Customization as a pretty cool feature as well, where you get to choose a symbol for your character appearance. Once you earned the Champion Status, you get Extra loot, Bonus XP, and Exclusive Emblem Customizations.

During gameplay, it’s necessary to maintain peace in mind, because you just don’t want to keep hitting the attack button and end up losing, it’s all about making your game plan with counters, blocking, parrying and attacks with right timing, The short Game has lot of dynamics to make your own fighting style. During the fight, your focus will be locked on your target. The Clever strategy would be to drain your opponent’s Stamina and land your killing shot on right time but be aware, You’ll die even in Getting two to three hits. It looks like a physical battle game but it’s more of a Mind game, where you determine the risk between attacking and blocking, Doing a parry or retreat.

For Honor is something truly special from Ubisoft to look forward to. From Gamers perspective, When you win you feel awesome and when you don’t, you feel upset. For Honor makes you a part of your fraction or class to the deep level of feeling joy for earning rewards and feeling upset for the loss. It is one for brutal combat lovers.

For namesake, it was Closed Beta, but gameplay experience was bug-free, as it’s releasing in two weeks, I feel closed beta was just a formality, Game is quite complete and ready for release. Overall closed beta was a positive experience for me, and I truly look forward to play For Honor on 14th February when it releases officially, let’s have a Battle on Valentines Day !!!