Four Reason Why The Order: 1886 Deserves to have A Sequel

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 introduces us to Victorian-Era London where a Man uses an advanced technology to battle a powerful and ancient enemy. There are countless fans which are desperately waiting to see if there will be a sequel to The Order: 1886. This Article will show you the four main pillars that are reasons where we think this game deserves a Sequel.

The Order: 1886 Deserves to have A Sequel

Fans definitely loved The Order 1886 which succeeded in doing what that game was trying to do and its universe was incredibly interesting which made it one of the major reason for the players to explore it a little more. Check out the four main reasons where we think this game deserves a Sequel. If you have anything to add then feel free to shoot them below in the comments section.

Four Reason Why The Order: 1886 Deserves to have A Sequel

The Order: 1886 is all about the age of scientific marvels where the dense London fog is in the shadows of the Industrial Revolution and enemies are threaten to throw the city, the world into chaos. The player sets through the most powerful threat in this course of history.

The Story

The Primary and the most important reason is the Story of teh video game which makes the characters look more convincing and authentic. The dialogue, exchanging words and the drive makes it, even more, realistic like if the people from Victorian London have come alive.

Game Mechanics and World

The World building can’t get enough praise be it the misty cobblestone slums of Whitechapel or the wrought iron and stonework of Mayfair or the Wooden lab of Tesla. Everything in the game has a tangible atmosphere which also brings to the light for the newspapers which showed the daily state of affairs in alternate history London.

The Graphic

The Key point which every player looks for in the game is the Graphics. The Order: 1886 covers one of the best rendering techniques and making it look very impressive. Each object interacts with the lighting in natural ways which has its own unique property. If you have noticed in cut-scenes, it helps flesh out the world and characters of The Order: 1886 to a degree where no other video game offers so far.

Knights and their Existence

As far as we know the Knights weren’t a bunch of Van Helsing’s where they get access to better weaponry. This makes them more open to fighting with the half-breeds, but that’s definitely wasn’t their only reason for existence. What if they were still a slave to bureaucracy and politics? or Were they actually hunters and persecutors? or even more. The events of 1886 changed the Knights of the Order, where the core principles and duties were same, but it had a forced adaptation as opposed to merely being a run of the mill mission for a group of monster hunters.