Four Reasons Why PS4 Is Leading Xbox One In Sales With Huge Margin: 1.2M, Trend To Continue In 2014?

Yesterday research firm NPD released sales figure details of Playstation 4 and Xbox One for the month of November 2013, and to everyones surprise Microsoft’s next-gen console took the crown of “Top Selling Home Console” in U.S for the month of Dec 2013. Not only this, Xbox One software sales also outsold PS4 software sales with a margin of “4.8 Million vs 4.2 Million”.

PS4 vs Xbox One

However the other side of the picture is pretty different as Playstation 4 is still ahead in the race against Xbox One when it comes to cumulative figure of both consoles since their respective launch in November 2013. It has been reported that Playstation 4 has a lead of around 1.2 million units till end of December 2013 (after Holiday Season 2013, Microsoft announced Xbox One sold 3 million units, whereas Sony announced that PS4 sold 4.2 million units during same time period).

So we decided to take a look at the deciding factors. Reasons behind Sony’s massive lead (in just first six week) over Microsoft in next-gen console race. Read below to find out.

REASON 1: Launch In More Markets

Sony launched Playstation 4 in 48 international markets, whereas in comparison Xbox One is available only in 13 countries. This massive gap should give you a clear indication of why Sony has this massive lead over Microsoft at such an early stage. Another point to take into consideration here is both consoles are yet to arrive in Japan (Sony’s homeland), so this lead will get bigger and bigger as Japanese gamers love for Playstation product is well known to each and every one of us.

REASON 2: $100 Price Difference

Playstation 4 carries a price tag of $400, whereas Xbox One is available for $500, this $100 price difference was one of the major reason why Sony moved more units across the globe during Holiday Season 2013. Its not like Microsoft is making huge profit by selling Xbox One at $500, mandatory Kinect 2.0 that comes bundled with Xbox One has raised the price of Xbox One.

REASON 3: Kinect 2.0 Yet To Prove Its Worth

As mentioned above, Microsoft has bundled Kinect 2.0 with Xbox One (a mandatory addition) and so a price tag of $500. However the sad fact is that Kinect hasn’t proved its worth yet for both Xbox One and Microsoft. Gaming community are still waiting to see something spectacular with Kinect (so that it becomes a system seller) however this wait seems to be getting longer and longer. In short, Kinect prevented more sale of Xbox One than it usually brings.

REASON 4: Negative Media Coverage Since Xbox One Announcement

Microsoft announced Xbox One as an All In One Entertainment Device that brings all your living room experience at one place i.e TV TV TV TELEVISION, SPORTS, TV SERIES, TV, TV and gaming (DO WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW).

This is where the downfall for Microsoft and Xbox One begins. The firm thought way too ahead of the future and gamers/consumers were not at all ready for it. Sony on the other hand gave Playstation 4 the slogan “Its 4 Players” i.e simply presenting gaming capability of the console to the consumers/developers and rest of the other features took a back seat. On top of that, other services Sony announced later in 2013 for PS4 were related to gaming, “Playstation Now, PS VITA Remote Play” and so on.

In addition to this, Microsoft was forced to change policy after policy whether it was always-Online DRM, indie dev support and so on. Media outlet across the globe went on comparison spree between Xbox One with PS4 bringing into limelight only the negative factor and because of this Xbox One, Xbox and Microsoft brand took a massive hit in the eyes of consumers. The coverage was so negative that Microsoft is still in the recovery state.


Declaring someone a winner this early (just six weeks) in competition won’t be justice, but achieving a lead of 1.2 Million units in such a short time period is also not a small feat. PS4 definitely looks more appealing than Xbox One with respect to consumers point of view because of slight edge in performance, exclusive games, hardware power and more. However the biggest factor has to be extra $100 price difference, Microsoft received feedbacks from Xbox community and critics to de-package mandatory Kinect from Xbox One bundle and sell the console close of price of $400, but Microsoft didn’t listen and went ahead with their vision (some might call it ATTITUDE, but was not).

Microsoft might have something big/revolutionary planned with Kinect and Xbox One, but current scenario states that consumers/gamers are not yet ready for it.

Do you agree with the reasons mentioned above regarding Why Sony is leading next-gen console race against Microsoft?, Want to add something with us on this?, feel free to share your opinion with us in the comment section below.