GTA V: Rockstar Should Add These Awesome Features From Sleeping Dogs, Mafia II, Arkham City And Others

 GTA V: Rockstar Should Add These Awesome Features From Sleeping Dogs, Mafia II, Arkham City And Others

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Although Rockstar Games is touted as an Undisputed King of open world gaming genre (with just a little or no competition from others) and they are expected to carry on this unbeatable run with the upcoming next installment in Grand Theft Auto series, GTA V.


This post is about features that Rockstar Games should include in GTA V from other successful open world games like Saints Row, Mafia II, Batman: Arkham City and more.

Here is the list. Take a look.

Saints Row
: Extreme character customisation. It wouldn’t work for the solo campaign, except hair/tattoo, but for GTA Online, I hope we get something better than the few pieces of clothes and models that we’ve seen in GTAIV.

Mafia II: Snow we can drive on. Also hiding from the police by actually hiding from the police, I would love to reenact the very first scene of the movie Drive.

Sleeping Dogs/Arkham City: The smoothness of the combats and the use of the environment. I prefer a brutal and impressive ‘QTE’ system to something looking like a shitty fighting game with two different moves.

Sleeping Dogs: Seeing people at their window or balcony smoking a cigarette, drying their laundry, etc. I don’t think we’ve had that really in previous GTAs.

Batman: Arkham City: Collectibles that took a bit of skill to collect, not just a map/luck. Not sure how it could be remotely similar to Riddler’s trophies in GTAV but since wildlife now has AI, they could use the idea of pigeons staying in the same spot until you come too close, then you’d have to shoot them from the air. It was kind of challenging to kill birds without bullet time/aim assistance in RDR.

Just Cause 2 – Allow players to purchase things on the go with their phones. However, for the sake of realism, make it either where you have to pick it up from the store or have it shipped to your house.

Mercenaries 2 – Include a few silly missions, because nothing says good times like being forced to drive a pink moped complete with a basket and tassels (dubbed “The Devastator”, no less) while being jeered at by everybody just to get on some faction’s good side.

Assassin’s Creed III – The ability to set out bait, hide, and wait for an animal to appear. Sure, we can go the RDR route where we just gallop up to an animal and shoot it before it has a chance to run away, but let the option to let the hunt come to you be there for those who like that style of hunting.

Crackdown – A “Keys to the City” style mode that allows you to just free roam with every stat maxed (and in massive overdrive), be invincible and just have a fun time causing absolute mayhem and jumping off buildings without fear of damage. Essentially: Super Cheats Mode. Also, just like in Crackdown, make saving and achievements disabled while playing in this mode. And if not, then for god’s sake, Rockstar, just add an invincibility cheat for once! Make it where it only unlocks after finishing the storyline or something – just have an invincibility mode available.

Saint’s Row 2 – IRL Porn Actresses as in game characters.

Do you agree with it, if not then let us know which features from
non-previous Rockstar’s open-worlds that you would love to see in GTA

Source: Reddit