Holiday 2016 Gift Buying Guide: Video Game Console, VR Headset And 4K TV Under $1000

When I’m asked about Holidays, I usually think of buying video games software at lower prices than the usual – like in the Steam, Origin, and Xbox Live sales (I love PlayStation ones, I am able to grab lots of stuff these days on PS Store, especially for PS Vita), but what about hardware? We’re in a pretty good time for people wanting to buy new hardware as well for their gaming sessions.

Holiday 2016 Video Game Gift Buying Guide

This year, for example, I still have few things I should be grabbing. For example, virtual reality is one of the hottest topics now. I already grabbed a PlayStation VR, and Sony headset is fine for you to give a not too much expensive try to the potential of VR. You shouldn’t find great deals on this hardware, though, as it shipped only in October worldwide and Sony’s seemingly keeping similar deals for 2017 depending on sales.

For one like me, who already owns PS VR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive could represent a huge step forward in terms of graphics quality, but shifting to those core devices could easily turn into a meaningless investment. I’d suggest to make the leap only to hardcore gamers, though, who want to have a deep and well ahead of its time experience with some of the few good VR titles already on the market. If you own one of the three headsets, I’d definitely say you don’t need to get another one, as the market has to grow and keep growing for one/two years before finding killer applications.

As I said, the games industry has offered a lot of stuff in terms of new tech and hardware this year, so Holidays can be a good period for you to grab something you lost along the way. Looking specifically at consoles, I already got a PS4 Pro in November and, while I wasn’t able to get any differences on a 1080p monitor, you should really look into it if you own a 4K TV in your living room/wherever you play video games.

Personally, I would also look at Xbox One S, especially if you already own a standard Xbox One model. The new console is a great improvement upon the original Xbox One, where you can get a nice re-design work, internal power unit so you can bring it to your friends’ house easily, a slight performance enhancement and a sweet HDR functionality for some of the games now available. I’d suggest a trade-in.


So, it seems the best suggestion I can give you in terms of hardware is getting prepared to the new season, maybe getting a $500-1000 4K TV so you can have a look into the short term future of gaming the best way possible, and making some good deals on both the hardware and software sides. Trade in is a nice solution for console hardware, don’t forget about that, and digital delivers the best in terms of software with daily offers on Xbox Live and PS Store deals that debuted today on PS Store.

Best 4K TV between $500 – $1000:

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