If the PS4 was more expensive than the Xbox One, would you still buy it?

Next-gen consoles have become our reality, there are no more predictions to be made because we are living in an era of Next-gen consoles. We know the heart and soul of PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. Nothing is hidden or unknown about them. If you see around the web people have compared every single chip, board, component, hardware, operating system and services of PS4 and Xbox One. Some of these comparisons favor Xbox One and some PS4 and even Wii U has noticeable amount of supporters by it’s side. Now if you have bought PS4 like me then here is the question for us all, if PS4 was more expensive than Xbox One, would you still buy it? Does the lesser price tag of $399 for PS4 is the only reason you won’t buy Xbox One which wears a price tag of $499.

PlayStation 4

Is $100 difference the only reason to buy PS4? If yes then you may be surrounded with questions in your head asking you, Xbox One might have better things than PS4 that’s why it costs more? Will my PS4 last longer than Xbox One? Does PS4 contain less expensive hardware? Does PS4 contain inferior quality of hardware? Is Xbox One feature rich than PS4?

Well i won’t discuss all this questions,because we have been discussing all this before :

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These topics are something that you got bored reading all around web, including here. And i’m pretty sure many of us didn’t have any affect of these discussions. Those who have been immerse in PS3 for years, would go for PS4 and those who were enjoying Xbox 360 would prefer Xbox One to avoid experimenting with their taste (I mean those who were happy actually 😉 ). Plus these PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold memberships subscriptions do affect our decision, like you would not want to waste your money in buying another vendor subscription if validity of your current one is pending by months.

Actually I find these service tools of vendors to keep their customers around for years over years, well it’s smart known business strategy.

What we going to discuss here is, if i bought PS4? Is it only because of less price tag? or I would still be buying PS4 if it had price tag of $499 instead of$399, and Xbox One had price tag of $399 instead of $499? If yes then Why?

I could directly say yes or no, based on my taste and comfort towards these consoles or services they are packed with. But no, lets discuss actual facts.

Why Sony kept the price of PS4 less than Xbox One

First of all, buying these consoles with their tagged price is not the end of the road for companies who are selling them. As i said there are services attached to them, plus games you gonna buy, they don’t make profit from consoles, they are giving you their own shop in which they hope you’ll return profit over a long period of time. And that’s what actually happens here. Companies like Sony,Microsoft or Nintendo, they sell their products/consoles at loss hoping to make up profit down the road. That’s what actually Sony is doing here. Cutting down the price of PS4 , or keeping it less than it’s competitor i.e Xbox One. Its a strategy to increase their reach towards more number of consumers (Shoppers !!) which in turn will give them more profit in future.

Even if the price of PlayStation Plus is set lesser than Xbox One Gold membership, with more number of gamers in their count Sony will earn more than Microsoft. Plus share in the sell of each game, that is may be $1 or less per game (As i have found by reading around the web 😀 )

So, for me if Sony is setting the price of PS4 less than Xbox One, that doesn’t mean Xbox One is superior to PS4 in any terms.

Xbox One units sold = Kinect 2 units sold

It’s a fact, Microsoft decided on $499 because they had to sell Kinect along with it, thus the number of Xbox One units sold is equal to number of Kinect 2 units sold. Kinect 2 sells would never been this much if this great formula would not been invented in Microsoft labs.

On the other hand Sony is not selling their camera device (PlayStation Eye) with PS4. So that cuts down the price difference.

We can say Sony decided that the price of PS4 should be less than that of Xbox One so to cut down Xbox One sells, but let’s see it in Microsoft way with this formula. For example if PS4 scores 5k units sell (i.e $400 x 5k = $2000k ), now if Xbox One scores even 4k units sell (i.e $500 x 4k = $2000k), bingo.. we see number of units getting sold, they see the amount of dollars they are getting. When everything is build in house, who knows the real valuation of PS4 or Xbox One hardware? All we can do is predict or estimate things.

In my opinion, Motion gaming is still not the thing of Hardcore gamers yet, it’s good for having fun with your family, but not when you are in World War with another gamer. You know what i mean? Don’t you? (You going down m**thr f**ckr , you down..f**k you).

So it doesn’t make that much difference if i’m getting this fancy camera along with my console, which can catch my dance moves and prove me as complete looser (I dance worst 🙁 ) .

Day or night, Both are Next-gen Consoles, Will have 90% of similar games

If you talk of gaming console, in the end games is the only thing which matters. PS4 will have some exclusive titles, where Xbox One too will have similar number of titles. Sony or Microsoft, none of them will provide less as compared to each other. So whether you buy PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll get to play every type of games.


Does the lesser price tag of PS4 makes it inferior to Xbox One? No.
Does the lesser price tag of PS4 have lesser games? No.
Does the lesser price tag of PS4 makes it die sooner than Xbox One? No.

There is no flaw in PS4 over Xbox One because of price tag, so obviously price tag doesn’t set my favor to buy PS4 over Xbox One.

Yes, i would still be buying PS4, if it had equal or more price tag than of Xbox One, i.e $499 (I’m sure Sony would sell PS4 and PlayStation Eye bundle? Won’t they? !!! )

What you say?