Is Call of Duty: Black Ops III The Best FPS Of 2015 or Star Wars: Battlefront Manage To Defeat It?

 Is Call of Duty: Black Ops III The Best FPS Of 2015 or Star Wars: Battlefront Manage To Defeat It?

We have spent a lot of hours playing Call of Duty Black Ops III and Star Wars Battlefront, and we are pretty sure you did the same, too. In the last month, there have been many analysis and discussions about the chances Battlefront had to survive when facing the Activision blockbuster franchise, so it really is the time to face the truth and ask all of you: has it made that? Did EA and DICE title survive the shooter war? While it could seem a little premature, and it actually is in terms of how long term reception (which is fundamental for multiplayer games), we were just wondering what you think of these titles right now. We’ll be waiting for your comments in the dedicated section below and, in the meantime, will provide you with some considerations you will find useful.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III vs Star Wars: Battlefront


From the graphics standpoint, it really looks like there is no chance for Call of Duty to ever be on par with Frostbite-run titles, and Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t make an exception. DICE latest shooter looks brilliant on every platform you will decide to play it, although there are a few differences between them (900p for PS4, 720p on Xbox One). Black Ops III ultimately is the best looking Call of Duty game to date, also thanks to the design and technical choices such as 30fps cut scenes, and you won’t regret playing it due to its graphics. But the gap is still big.

In particular, what’s making us talk about a big difference is something like characters animations and the environmental details. Although both games don’t have a lot of destructible objects on the screen, you will notice from the beginning little things like the Stormtrooper animations while doing stuff like dying or moving around, which is really close to how the original movies are rendered in the films.


This is a point where each of you will have a different opinion and it’s going to be nice to read your comments. As you know, Treyarch and DICE have different approaches go their games and to the multiplayer modes: CoD is tighter and more focused on close combat, although it has opened up to verticality in the last couple of years; Battlefront, exactly like Battlefield, is all about epic scale battles (Supremacy, a Conquest-alike mode, is the core of the game) and vehicular fights.

We have enjoyed both of them actually because they are so different, you can have a fresh experience from playing them in the same period without any fear to get bored. Which is your favorite, then?

By the way, this is a fight of different philosophies, too. It’s quantity versus quality. Call of Duty Black Ops III is a huge game, with an amount of modes and variety which is actually impressive: Zombies, standard multiplayer, co-op and single-player campaign. Everything you need to play is right there and there’s a good chance you won’t have to buy any other video game for a lot of months.

Star Wars Battlefront is instead a highly polished and focused game which makes it a hugely well crafted Star Wars experience for both the movie fans and those who just like the lore. But it’s little, multiplayer online, with few modes, heroes, weapons; everything seems to have been designed with the expensive Season Pass in mind. And that’s not good for the consumers and gamers.


Yet another difference is Star Wars Battlefront implementing a third person view, which makes it pretty unique in the modern shooter landscape. While with mouse and keyboard it doesn’t feel that good, on PS4 and Xbox One it is rather enjoyable and gimmicky, and you could also be tempted to completely embrace it instead of the classic first person view. We have been told for years Activision is experimenting with third person Call of Duty, but so far it has lacked the courage required to try and explore this path.

On the other hand, Treyarch had the freedom to explore the Sci-Fi genre with Black Ops III and it did introduce the Specialist in the multiplayer, and the core powers in the main campaign. While the campaign felt a polished experience, it ultimately wasn’t enough to stay interesting for all of its lengths and take a stand in comparison with older Call of Duty games. In multiplayer Specialists surely add a new layer of unlockable contents even though they never feel like something you necessarily have to master until you reach the biggest abilities. You might feel the desire to reach that level but not the need.

Finally, Star Wars Battlefront is a fresh and new experience with a lot of reasons to make you jump on the hype train, but there’s the risk you will give upon it in about 15-20 hours. Call of Duty Black Ops III is a solid experience which lacks that kind of hype and enthusiasm, has a certain degree of fatigue, but is overall a solid and lengthy gaming experience. Let us know your opinion below and have a nice game.