Jet Car Stunts Interview: “New Features, 1080p/60FPS on PS4, Asynchronous Multiplayer, Xbox One port and more”

Jet Car Stunts

One of our favourite mobile games, Jet Car Stunts is now coming to Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and Playstation 4, all thanks to Grip Games.

We recently got in touch with Jakub Mikyska co-founder Grip Games and talked on numerous topics related to Jet Car Stunts such as “inspiration behind the game, new cars and features, resolution at which it runs on PS4, asynchronous multiplayer, no Xbox One version and many more things”.

Jet Car Stunts PS4 Screen

You can read the full interview below.

Gamepur: Things like “Jet Car — a combination of a race car and a jet plane” and “racing experience that combines driving and flying” sounds pretty awesome, so can you tell us From where did you guys get the inspiration for Jet Car Stunts?

Jakub Mikyska: The idea originated with True Axis – the makers of the original Jet Car Stunts game for tablets. It’s hard to say where did they find the inspiration… but in the end, who would want to own a jet car?

Gamepur: Can you list the total number of new cars and modes along with details that will be available in Jet Stunt Cars?

Jakub Mikyska: We have added two new cars. One of them very fast for the Time Trial mode and another one, that we nicknamed the “Orange Devil”, for our new game mode Puzzle. This new car has two jet engines and is incredibly maneuverable, which will be quite useful because “Puzzle” mode tasks you with reaching some seemingly unreachable places. You’ll have to figure a way how to get there, find a suitable ramp, drop from above, or bounce off an obstacle… We have made significant improvements to the graphics, added many visual effects, changed some of the tracks and added the asynchronous multiplayer mode.

Gamepur: Does Jet Car Stunts support DualShock 4 Controller Lightbar or touchpad feature?

Jakub Mikyska: Yes, we will use the Lightbar to indicate various things like jet fuel. Touchpad won’t be used to control the car, as maximum precision is required and touch interfaces aren’t good for that.

Gamepur: At What resolution will Jet Car Stunts run on PlayStation 4, is it 1080p/60 FPS?

Jakub Mikyska: Yes, it will run at 1080p/60 FPS. We will also use advanced anti-aliasing features to make the game look even smoother than a typical 1080p game.

Gamepur: Can you list features that are returning from original titles?

Jakub Mikyska: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” was our motto while developing Jet Car Stunts. So, it is essentially the same game. And that is a good thing. The original Jet Car Stunts is one of the highest-rated racing games of all time (94 at Metacritic). So, we took everything that was great about the original – the track design, the art style, the addictiveness, the obsessive need to improve your times and kept it exactly the same way and improved everything else.

Gamepur: Can you provide us details on Asynchronous multiplayer portion of Jet Car Stunts?

Jakub Mikyska: The greatest opponent in Jet Car Stunts is yourself, as you’ll be constantly trying to improve yourself. But we also wanted to let you compare your skills with other players. So, the game will download a replay of a player with a better time than you have on a particular track and will let you race against his ghost car. That has a competitive use, but you’ll be also able to see where the other player was better than you and this will help you improve your times. And if you manage to beat that ghost, the game will download a better opponent for you. And other players will also race against your ghost.

Gamepur: Jet Car Stunts is also coming to Xbox360 / XBLA also, but there are no details about Xbox One port. Is [email protected] and controversial launch parity clause can you he reason behind no Xbox One version?

Jakub Mikyska: We also hope to bring Jet Car Stunts to Xbox One. There still needs to be some work done before we can confirm the game will be released there, so we didn’t include the platform in our initial announcement, but we hope to be able to get there as well.

Gamepur: What kind of development benefits did PS4’s Unified Architecture and 8 GBs of GGDR5 RAM brought to Jet Car Stunts?

Jakub Mikyska: If you look at the screenshots from Jet Car Stunts, you’ll see that the lighting and shadows are like nothing you have seen in other games. The shadows are incredibly soft and realistic. This eats A LOT of memory to do properly. We had to go with some compromises on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but the next-gen machines let us unleash the full power of the engine we use for Jet Car Stunts and even add a lot of other visual effects.

Gamepur: PS4 has received praises from developer’s community for its Unified Architecture and 8 GB RAM, however somewhere down the ine slow PS4 Clock Speed has been a cause of concern for developers. How did you guys tackle slower clock speed of PS4? Has it resulted into any development challenges while developing Jet Car Stunts for PS4?

Jakub Mikyska: When you look at spec sheets, you can always find a weakness, but the truth is that both the PS4 and XB1 are very powerful gaming machines. We did some insane things, like running MSAA and FXAA antialiasing at the same time, with real-time lighting and complex particles and post-processing effects and the next-gen consoles didn’t even break a sweat.

Gamepur: Any special feature or features in Jet Car Stunts you want PlayStation players to try?

Jakub Mikyska: I want the PlayStation players to try the whole Jet Car Stunts. It is unlike anything they have played on PlayStation before.

Gamepur: How’s your working relationship with Sony? What you guys have to say about their indie policies?

Jakub Mikyska: Sony is a great partner and the most important thing they do is that they stand out of our way when we work on the game, which a lot of other indie developers would confirm is a great thing to do. They also help with promoting the game and provide ideas for improvements. But to be fair, Microsoft has also made some significant progress in their attitude towards indies.

Gamepur: Did Sony approach you about bringing the game to PlayStation or did you approach them?

Jakub Mikyska: We work with Sony for almost five years now. When we decided to work on a console version of Jet Car Stunts, we didn’t even thing whether or not do to the PlayStation versions. That was a pretty obvious decision.

Gamepur: Last few words for our readers

Jakub Mikyska: I would like to invite your readers to try Jet Car Stunts and to see for themselves why it sold over one million copies and gained the universal praise. It is a unique, it is cool and most of all, it is a lot of fun.