July 2015 Xbox Games With Gold Analysis: Microsoft Nailed Both Quality And Quantity For Xbox One and X360

As for the beginning of every month, Xbox Live Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus new Instant Game Collection titles have been finally unveiled and, since this topic is of great interest in the gaming community, we are about to check and analyze both the offers from Microsoft and Sony. Not just to see which is definitely better on a monthly basis, but also to understand which of them represents the best monthly deal for you, gamers and consumers.

Xbox One Games With Gold For July 2015

We will start this journey with Xbox Live Games with Gold, the offer by Microsoft that allows you, Xbox Live Gold subscriber, to have free games for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For the first time ever, this month, in order to celebrate the service’s anniversary on the current-gen console, Xbox One will have two free games just like it happens with Xbox 360. That’s the first great thing to underline for this month’s Games with Gold: Microsoft is increasingly reaching Sony and PlayStation Plus’ standards in terms of quantity, and this effort is surely to be appreciated. What about quality, then? Well, let’s see together if this is up to your expectations and ours.


Released in 2013, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag has successfully made a pirate game out of the annual Assassin’s Creed, becoming pretty fast one of the best iterations of the Ubisoft franchise. Surely enough, if you are willing to get into the Assassin’s Creed series I am not sure this is the best game to begin with: Black Flag underlines in fact Ubisoft’s will to start with the “virtual tourism”, that brings the Assassins saga from one location to another without a true, clear point of arrival for the storyline.

As a common gamer, instead, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is really appreciable, being a very good pirate game with both naval battles and great action sequences while on the ground. With its 21.28GB, the game will be available for all the month of July and I definitely suggest you to give it a try if your expectations are not too high towards the Assassin’s Creed lore and brand.


It is pretty clear how Microsoft is running Games with Gold nowadays: the promotion offers one indie game and one triple-A title per month, alternating those between Xbox One and Xbox 360. If the first for Xbox One is a triple-A, retail game, the first for Xbox 360 will be an indie or digital title, and vice versa. So it happens this month, and if you look at it this way you can understand why you have Plants Vs. Zombies (83.73MB) as offer for the first half of July on Xbox 360.

When I read the list of Games with Gold titles for Xbox 360, at first sight I thought it was Garden Warfare, and it would have been a great offer for old-gen users, since the game is a fresh and overall fantastic take on the multiplayer third person shooter. But Plants Vs. Zombies? It’s actually something you could play on your smartphone, eventually don’t care about it and think at the second half of the month if you only own a Xbox 360.


Devoloped by Extend Studio, this indie game has been around for about one year before arriving on Xbox One right in time from July 16 – the promotion will end on August 15. So, what is it? Well, So Many Me is basically a platform about minions. Not actual minions but clones of the protagonists, each of them with particular features and skills that help the gamer go through the levels.

I wouldn’t consider it if not as a part of the Games with Gold, but indie platforms with a puzzle take anyway are always worth a look and play, so download it and let us know what you think about it. At least it is free, one would say.


The right game at the right place, Gears of War 3 releases on Games with Gold just a month before Gears of War Ultimate Edition launches on Xbox One and PC. So it is clear you should take advantage of this chance to get back in the Microsoft’s shooting series: better if you have friends, but at this point I bet there’s still people around the servers, beating locusts and COGs just as the first emergency day.

Talking about the value of this offer, well, as I just said we wouldn’t be surprised to currently find people on the game servers, and especially when Gears 3 gets available as part of the Games with Gold offer… you will see fans of the series literally popping from the screen. It’s a great occasion for people who own Xbox One, so they can get back on their old-gen console, and for those who have only Xbox 360, since this enables them to refresh their memories right in time for Gears of War 4. Maybe the best of the pack.