MGS V: The Phantom Pain could be bigger than GTA V: why I am worried about the size of the map

 MGS V: The Phantom Pain could be bigger than GTA V: why I am worried about the size of the map

Based on the analysis made by NeoGaf user Love Deterrence, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is supposed to include a playable area much bigger than Grand Theft Auto V’s San Andreas. This Is even more surprising if you consider that The Phantom Pain will be the first open world game in the popular franchise. There are at least two interesting facts in this meticulous analysis.

The Phantom Pain vs Ground Zeroes – As you know, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is just a prologue to The Phantom Pain, that Hideo Kojima and his team used to introduce the open world mechanics they were studying for their long-running series.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Taking a look at the screenshots prepared by Love Deterrence (below, download and view by zooming it if details are not clear), we can notice that The Phantom Pain’s area showed up at Tokyo Game Show 2014 is 1.2-2x bigger than the entire Ground Zeroes map. Furthermore, The Phantom Pain itself could be 7×7 times the portion of the map we discovered at TGS 2014 demo, so the whole game could be about 50x-100x bigger than Ground Zeroes. Is it enough or too much, in your opinion?

The Phantom Pain vs Grand Theft Auto V – Love Deterrence provided a comparison between Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and GTA V, too. Hideo Kojima’s game could be even bigger than Rockstar’s, because the only African map could result being 70% the entire San Andreas.

It takes six minutes to drive the San Andreas map in GTA V, in fact, while the only The Phantom Pain’s Africa requires 3.5 minutes starting from the point where the TGS 2014 demo begins.

We already know for sure that The Phantom Pain will include at least two maps, Africa and Afghanistan. So, if the two maps will have the same dimensions, the overall title could be 1.5-2x bigger than Grand Theft Auto V – but take in mind that Kojima Production could also reveal some more maps before the launch.

My opinion – Nowadays we should all get used to open world games, as the power of the consoles gets bigger and bigger, and developers have room to create more extended and richer maps. Furthermore, publishers such as Ubisoft have publicly stated that the open world formula allows to create longer experiences based on a single game – Assassin’s Creed is an example, same as Activision’s Destiny -, therefore more monetizable through expansion packs and DLCs.

Anyway, I am a bit worried about this trend. Metal Gear was born as a story-driven franchise with stealth mechanics, that had a particular meaning in strict areas. The passage to a map bigger than GTA V’s could harm the old feeling in terms of pure gameplay, comprehension of the storyline and epicness of the dialogues. Namely, the components that made this franchise so popular among its fans and so hated by the supporters of more immediate gameplay.

Let us know in the comments section if you are worried about the dimensions of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain map’s dimension or you can’t wait to take a horse and run into the wild.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain vs GTA V Map

Source: NeoGaf