Microsoft’s Lack of Xbox One NPD Figure Response Confirms Xbox One Sales Against PS4 Are “Mediocre”?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is having a dream run in next-gen consoles war against Microsoft’s Xbox One. In mere nine months, PlayStation 4 has shipped (to consumers) over 10 million units worldwide, whereas on the other side there is hardly any update of Xbox One sales figure. The last time we heard anything from Microsoft about Xbox One sales was way back in April 2014, “5 Million units shipped to retailers”. Ever since then we haven’t received any Xbox One NPD figure update from Microsoft.

Xbox One vs PS4

Today, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg gave a strange reason for the lack of Xbox One NPD figures, “Summer is always Slow, main focus is Holiday”. This can be taken as a direct confirmation that Xbox One sales has been mediocre, and it is losing the sales battle against PlayStation 4. This is a complete opposite approach, in last-gen, Microsoft used to post/share Xbox 360 NPD sales figure every single month.

Another PR Plunder:

The response from Aaron presents a laughable scenario in-front of us, sales of consoles that are not in the holiday season don’t count? Its like saying that 10 million sales doesn’t really matters as those were not sold during the Holiday Season.

PR statements like this won’t help Xbox One in anyway, in fact it will hit brand new Xbox One road to recovery. It would have been better if Aaron admitted that Xbox One sales aren’t as good as Microsoft expected, but they are trying to fix it and will continue to do so with great gaming experience to those who are already on board with Xbox One and have shown their trust, also to those who are waiting to come along. The only Microsoft executive that have spoken on these lines, is Phil Spencer, and what image restoration of Xbox One has happened in the past few months (after disastrous Xbox One Reveal Event and E3 2013) all the credit goes to Spencer only.

Xbox One Launch In Other Territories Will Be Helpful?

Last week, Microsoft launched Xbox One in 28 new countries, and this was supposed to definitely help Microsoft cut the sales gap with PlayStation 4, but its not going to be massive. Microsoft took a bold move to first launch Xbox One in their stronghold region/strongest territories such as “North America”, but it got outsold quite handily by PlayStation 4, and the wave continued in other regions as well.

Fans follow NPD, Chartrack and MediaCreate for updates on sales figure report in different regions, and from Microsoft there have been no announcements since the beginning of 2014, it’s purely based on the fact that PS4 is selling much better, and any Xbox One mediocre sales announcement wouldn’t go down too well with hardcore Xbox fans.

Difference In Approach For New IPs:

Sony and Microsoft both have different approaches when it comes to the new IPs for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sony has openly shown interest in making and bringing new IPs to PlayStation 4 (The Order: 1886, Bloodborne, and vast range of Indie titles including timed exclusive ones such as No Man’s Sky, Wild, RIME and lot more) whereas Microsoft has more interest in buying anything people are willing to sell, new or not.

Tell us in the comment section below, what do you guys have to say about this strange response of Aaron Greenberg on lack of Xbox One NPD sales figure?