Most Surprising and Best Easter Eggs of Video Games in Recent Time

Easter eggs in video games are a treat. They either reflect on past video game installments, pop culture, other video game nods or just plain oddities within the game. We have marked down some of our personal favorite Easter eggs but we only scratch the surface of video game Easter eggs. In the comment section down below, let us know what you favorite video game Easter egg!

Sea Bunny – Saints Row 2

While in a boat, head to the prison island but instead of entering the prison island, go through the gap that is between the prison island and the nuclear planet island. Soon you’ll find a small island, go onto the island known as the volition island. Get back in the boat and head north to an even smaller island known as ruin island. Go up the stairs where a wooden arrow will point to a certain direction, head in that direction on boat. You should see another island with another arrow. Keep following these arrow directions which will lead you to a giant sea bunny.

Assassin Turkey – Assassin’s Creed 3

Go to the Homestead Manor then head towards the outer walls. Whistle for a turkey then enter the Konami code which is Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X. The turkey should now have an Assassin hood.

Dead Assassin – The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings

Within the Ballista section of the prologue you will find a dead Assassin from the Assassins Creed video game series. Simply look near the large iron gates.

Dead Assassin – The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings

Within the Ballista section of the prologue you will find a dead Assassin from the Assassins Creed video game series. Simply look near the large iron gates.

Atari – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Within Nuketown 2025, destroy all of the mannequin heads in under 2 minutes. Then head towards the big television to enjoy some old school video games like Pitfall.

Cow/Pony Level – Diablo 2/3

In Diablo 2 and 3 there are secret hidden levels. In Diablo 2, players can create a portal to the hidden cow level by combining Wirt’s Leg and a Tome of Town Portal in Horadic Cube while standing in the Rogue Encampment.

In Diablo 3 players can create another portal to enter Whimsyshire. The materials needed is the Infernal Machine and Whimsyshire opening Staff of Herding.

John Romero – Doom 2

You can spot a severed head of John Romero, designer, programmer, developer and co-founder of id Software. Players will have to make their way to MAP30: Icon of Sin. Launch a rocket into the hole of the final monster’s head where players can enter into and find John Romero’s head.

Cavemen – Halo 3

In the Sierra 117 level near Sergeant Johnson location when he reports the Pelican being shot down, enter the jungle. Towards the left across some rocks, you should find cavemen like family.

Unicorn Gun – Red Faction

Known as Mr. Toots, players can obtain a unicorn type gun. The gun has limited ammunition but is very powerful. Players must finish the storyline once in-order to obtain the gun that fires rainbow lasers from its butt.

The Notched Pickaxe – Skyrim

A nod to developer Notch and Minecraft, the Notched Pickaxe resembles a normal pickaxe and holds no enchantments. Located on the top of Throat of the World, players must finish The Throat of the World quest first to obtain the pickaxe.

Dog Ending – Silent Hill 2

To achieve the dog ending in Silent Hill 2, players must first obtain the three normal endings. After obtaining these endings, load and start a new game. While exiting Rosewater Park for the first time, head straight and enter the open yard west of Jacks Inn. Locate a key within the doghouse and use it to enter Observation Room on the 3F of Nightmare Lakeview Hotel after watching the video tape in Room 312.

The Heart of Liberty City – GTA IV

Located in the Statue of Liberty, players can view the heart of Liberty City by walking through the door that holds a sign saying “No Content This Way” at the upper level of the statue’s pedestal.

Minecraft – Borderlands 2

Located in the northwestern area of Caustic Caverns near the train tracks is a hidden cave. Within the cave are several Creepers and a Badass Creeper. Kill the Badass Creeper and you should receive the Longbow sniper rifle or the Blockhead shotgun.

Lost – Just Cause 2

An entire island filled with Easter eggs of the TV show Lost can be found in Just Cause 2. The island is found on the top left corner of the map. The island holds a crashed airplane and even the famous smoke monster from the show.

John Marston’s Hat – L.A. Noire

While doing The Silk Stocking Murder case, players can locate the hate of John Marston, protagonist of Red Dead Redemption. You can find that hate while looking through the trash can in the alleyway behind your car after you return form the rooftop.

Wario – Pilotwings 64

Wario makes a small cameo as a new face on Mt Rushmore. If players select the map which features Mt Rushmore and fire a few rockets and Mario’s statue’s face, Wario’s will pop through.

RES 4 – Res 3

Outside the Grill 13, there is a small movie poster revealing Resident Evil 4 was in the works.

Res Evil 4 and Res Evil 3 Easter Egg

The Last of Us Newspaper – Uncharted 3

Within Uncharted 3, players will find newspapers that talks about a mysterious fungus which is a nod to the game Naughty Dog was in-development with which is now already released, The Last of Us.

Uncharted 3: The Last of Us Easter Egg

Super Mario 64 – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

In the Castle Courtyard, look through the castle windows to find different screenshots of Super Mario 64. You should be able to see paintings of Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser.

Super Mario 64: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Easter Egg