Nine Video Game Babes You Would Love as Valentine Partner

Don’t lie. We’ve all made mental lists of what female characters from video games we’ve played would make the perfect valentine partner or girlfriend. With so many characters from so many games to choose from, who tops the list? Which female video game characters would make the best valentine partners or girlfriends imaginable? Here are some of our top choices.



Zelda is pretty much one of the best valentine partner or girlfriends you could ever have. She’s a princess, has a castle. And hey, she can always turn into Sheik if that’s more of your thing. The only downfall is that she is constantly getting kidnapped and her kingdom always seems to be under siege so if Zelda ever does become your valentine partner or girlfriend you’ll need to brush up on your sword fighting and saving people skills.

Terra Branford


Terra Branford, from Final Fantasy VI, is another strong willed girl that would make an awesome valentine partner or girlfriend for just about anybody. She’s a rebellious girl that fights evil, loves orphans, and can use healing magic with ease. Of course, she does turn into a pink creature that can fly when she’s under a lot of stress, so watch out. On the other hand, it’s a good sign as to when you should just let her win an argument for convenience’s sake.

Samus Aran

Samus Aran

Samus is another girl that would make the perfect valentine partner or girlfriend. When she isn’t in her suit, she has a figure to die for and can be fairly feminine. She can also throw her legs behind her head and turn into a ball. Of course most of the time she is bounty hunting in outer space so finding time to see each other may be a bit of a challenge now and then. But hey, at least she can take care of herself in a pinch.



Peach, on the other hand, will need more than a little bit of saving if you ever date her. While a nice girl that loves girly things like curling her hair and wearing pink dress, does have a knack for getting captured by an evil turtle stalker constantly. The good news is that once she’s safely rescued she’ll help you fight your way back out to safety from the lower levels of the dungeons.


Chun Li

Chun-Li, of Street Fighter fame, would make a great valentine partner or girlfriend for anyone. Not only can she fight and win against just about anyone she comes across but she also loves wearing pretty blue dresses and doing her hair in the perfect combination of girly and awesome you could ever hope to find.



Kasumi ran away from her family and ninjustu training to fight and defeat the man that killed her brother. She will stop it nothing to see justice done to those that wronged her, even if it means living as an outcast. Of course, that means that you’ll be living on the run from her former clan too, but the good news is that Kasumi’s skills from long years of training will save the two of you any time one of your pesky pursuers catches up.

Elena Fisher

Elena Fisher 1

Elena Fisher, of Uncharted 2 fame, is the loyalist of loyal valentine partner or girlfriends who’ve ever lived. It won’t matter what it is you do, she’ll always stick by your side – even if you’ve been hooking up with a beauty Australian girl. She’s a successful journalist, can handle a gun well in a fight and even has a sense of humor. What more could you really ask for?

Alyx Vance


Alyx Vance was one of the best parts of Half Life 2. She knew just about everything. She can destroy invading aliens with ease and her tomboyish tendencies mean that she never gets awkward around your friends. As a world class hacker, you’ll never have to worry about computer problems again.

So there you have it, just some of the awesome female video game characters that would make some of the best valentine partner or girlfriends. Of course they are only video game characters, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t dream and speculate.