OlliOlli On PS4 Dev Interview: “Skating, Learning and Nailing Tricks, looks easy but takes a while to get a hold of”


OlliOlli, an upcoming skateboarding video game from Roll7 is already out on Playstation Vita and development team has decided to port it to Playstation 4. After watching the launch trailer for Playstation Vita version, OlliOlli caught our eye making us more curious to know about how the next-gen version of the game will look and so we got in touch with Simon Bennett, Director of Roll7 and talked on various aspects of OlliOlli PlayStation 4 version. Read our full interview below.


Gamepur: Can you give us an insight of Roll7?

Simon Bennett: Roll7 are a team of hard working delinquents from New Cross SE London. We try to make games that make palms sweat with joy. We mainly argue and make up with tea.

Gamepur: What is OlliOlli all about? What is a gamer supposed to do in OlliOlli?

Simon Bennett: OlliOlli is about skating, learning and nailing tricks. It’s a game that looks easy, but takes a while to get a hold of.

Gamepur: What inspired you to make OlliOlli?

Simon Bennett: We’re all skaters. John, our creative director and mastermind, was a pro skater back when he was a teenager, we skated alot. We are a bit older now, but still riding – in fact OlliOlli has pushed us to get back into tricks and injuring ourselves!

Gamepur: Tell us about your main character, in the Vita version he did host of things, different kinds of flips, things like ‘Smith Grind’, ‘Salad Grind’ and many more cool moves like that. What can he now do on the next-gen machines?

Simon Bennett: In the port – we are keeping things simple, and the game will for the most part play the same, however – we will be adding comprehensive leaderboards…

Gamepur: What are the major differences between PS4, PS3 and PC versions of OlliOlli?

Simon Bennett: The biggest difference, right away, is the bigger analog sticks. It’s weird, because for all of us it’s like learning to walk again. We’re getting better every day though, we’re super happy with it. The extra precision provided really makes a difference.

Gamepur: Till what extent are the features of DualShock 4 controller like Touchpad, Lightbar used in OlliOlli since it is meant for PS4?

Simon Bennett: We’re looking at everything available right now. The LightBar is really cool. Right now, we’re trying out using rumble for an extra level of immersion. Having a separate controller for OlliOlli is a brand new thing. The speaker is cool, too.

Gamepur: And now the most sought after question of this gaming world: “Will OlliOlli run at 1080p & 60FPS?” If not what are the res/fps figures?

Simon Bennett: You will have to wait for this one!

Gamepur: How much will OlliOlli cost for PS3, PS4 and PC? Also have you decided on the exact release date?

Simon Bennett: We are PUSHING for a Mid/Late July release, so fingers crossed we hit that! We reckon there will be a similar pricepoint to the VITA version, around £7.99.

Gamepur: Do you have any plans of porting OlliOlli to Xbox or Nintendo consoles?

Simon Bennett: Currently, OlliOlli is Vita exclusive until Summer 2014. After that, who knows? We’re a big fan of all the consoles.

Gamepur: Please describe your experience while working with Sony. Is Sony easy to work with for developers? What do you have to say about their Indie policies?

Simon Bennett: Basically Sony are legends, they are loving Indies and we are loving them! We met with Shahid Ahmad and Spencer Low (who run the Strategic Content team at SCEE) after the big launch of OlliOlli on Vita, and they said that we HAD to get the game onto PS4 and PS3. So that’s what we are doing!

Gamepur: From critics to fans to developers, almost everyone in the video-game industry praised PlayStation 4’s unified architecture, 8GB GDDR5 RAM and its GGPU, as a developer what you have to say about PS4, how helpful have these high specifications been in the development of OlliOlli?

Simon Bennett: It’s so exciting! As you can see, OlliOlli is a pushing the consoles to the limits! But seriously, OlliOlli has never looked better. The console is so fast and snappy. We’re incredibly happy with it.

Gamepur: Things about OlliOlli you dont want your players to miss?

Simon Bennett: Remember to check OlliOlli every day for the Daily Grind!

Gamepur: We wish you good luck for OlliOlli! Do have a message for our readers?

Simon Bennett: Stay indie!