PlayStation PGW 2017 Was A Great Move To Make You Forget About Xbox One X’s Launch


Well, it does look like Sony delivered a press conference of great impact a few days ago at Paris Games Week. It showcased couple things we already knew about but giving them more context – like God of War and Spider-Man, and on top of that launched a new trailer for The Last of Us: Part II, which is already the talk of the town on the Internet, and revealed the brand new IP from the makers of inFamous, Ghost of Tsushima.

The Last of Us: Part II At Paris Games Week 2017

It’s been so impactful one would think that stuff like this would have been in a more comfortable place at the PlayStation Experience rather than at an October press conference, wouldn’t it? But maybe Sony did it on purpose, you know, just to have all the media attention on its portfolio rather than letting Xbox One X have the sweetest spot from now to the end of the Holiday season.

It was a good move from Sony, sure enough, one we’re almost used to at this point. You might remember the sale on PS4 Slim back at Switch’s day one, marketed with the colors of the just unleashed Nintendo console (red as a background for PR materials and posts on social networks), so it’s clear this Paris Games Week showcase was a result of Xbox One X being release on November 7.

Amazingly enough, though, it’s like Sony still has something up on its sleeve for PlayStation Experience. They made a safe bet in wrapping up the presser with a The Last of Us: Part II trailer, something they were sure would have been a catalyst for attention from both the players and the media, but they still have the likes of Death Stranding between The Video Game Awards and PSX, Days Gone wasn’t part of the event yesterday and there’s possibly something else on its way in December.

This is a clear signal of what PlayStation currently is – the best place to play video games. Not the place where you simply consider the specs and the possibilities developers have to make their games look better, which honestly I don’t really care. Even if I cared… God of War, for example, is releasing only on PS4, so why should I care about Xbox One X having games look better? It’s an exclusive game, and one running very shiny, I must say.

So, as you can see it’s rather easy for Sony to go and adopt an offensive strategy from the communication standpoint against Microsoft. Xbox is in a situation where there’s a platform in the making, they’re building a service revolving around Xbox Live, a shared ecosystem between Windows and consoles, with Xbox Game Pass, Games With Gold, and so on. It’s interesting and probably the best way they have to look at the real and concrete future of the game, but what about the present?

It’s something we’ve already discussed thousand times, I know, but Paris Games Week’s showcase from Sony was once again a proof of what is happening right now. When we get closer to God of War’s release, just to name one, here we have yet another game to look forward to – Ghost of Tsushima, without even counting PlayStation VR and another couple neat games that were on display at Paris Games Week (PlayLink’s Erica was smart, there’s a new game coming from the makers of PlayStation VR Worlds, Shadow of the Colossus unleashing on February 2018, Concrete Genie from the team of Entwined, and so on).

There’s a lot of people working on games at PlayStation, something Xbox hasn’t been able to prove is happening on their side, too. Will they do that at some point? Honestly, at this stage it’s quite unlikely, mainly because Microsoft doesn’t have as many first and second party studios in their circle as Sony does, and partnerships with third parties have been abandoned at some point for some reason (with the sole exception of couple games which are being used to promote Xbox One X, like Shadow of War and Assassin’s Creed Origins).

What’s incredible now is Sony really looks like it has the strength to be a “platform holder” in the true sense of the word. Gosh, just look at how many games they have in their pipeline. They’re so many (don’t forget Dreams, probably it’ll be something worthy to watch in action at PlayStation Experience) it doesn’t even whether they’re great, good, or forgettable. As of now, they’re something one could not simply don’t take into account when choosing what to buy between an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4.

A choose which, if you love games, does look pretty simple now to be quite frank.