PlayStation Plus: Does Instant Game Collection/Free Games for PS4 Still Deserve A Monthly Fee?


The latest titles to enter PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection disappointed many gamers, who were expecting something better especially for what regards PlayStation 4. While they saw something good in last month’s OlliOlli 2, Valiant Hearts, CounterSpy and Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, even with AAA games still missing from the service’s line-up, April games were considered by many players not enough to justify the fee they are currently paying. And perhaps you agree. Tower of Guns, Aaru’s Awakening, Never Alone for PlayStation 4, Killzone Mercenary and MonsterBag for PlayStation Vita, Dishonored for PlayStation 3. Do those game satisfy you PlayStation Plus subscribers? Let us know in the comments section below.

PS Plus Free Games/Instant Game Collection

Looking at the reaction of many users over the Internet, it’s interesting to notice that we have two different sides: those who measure up Instant Game Collection based on the quality and level of entertainment granted by the games Sony offers, and those who simply look at the price of the titles.

“I buy the games I know are good. I want PS+ to expose me to stuff I may overlook. I find it funny that everyone hates Knack, but they are always like ‘at least give us Knack!’ Why? Because it was once $60? Because it had a bigger budget than an indie?”, says a fan discussing on Reddit about this matter. It’s an interesting point, because in this vision PlayStation Plus becomes a talent scout, a service that lets you know and learn about titles you wouldn’t regularly buy (for example Towerfall Ascension or Valiant Hearts).

As I said, anyway, there are lots of gamers that think like this fan:

“Recently I downloaded first light and valiant hearts but honestly I don’t have Infamous and don’t plan to play first light until I at least am familiar with the game series while valiant hearts being free saved me $10-15 from a game I wasn’t going to buy otherwise anyway”.

Or this other supporter:

“The sad truth is that since the ps+ service is now pretty much required, it allows them to get away with bundling cheap games. They know people won’t drop the service because they want to continue to play their games online. The PS3 can get great free ps+ games because the service isn’t required to play online”.

Those fans look at the price of what they’re being offered after they pay a monthly fee, and I can’t say they are wrong. Consider this phrase, too: “since the PlayStation Plus service is now pretty much required, it allows them to get away with bundling cheap games”. I can’t say I agree with this sentence but, anyway, I see Sony leveling what Microsoft is doing with Xbox Live. There’s a serious risk with PlayStation Plus mainly becoming a service that lets you play online multiplayer and a few free games and/or monthly discounts; that wouldn’t make anyone happy, since PlayStation Plus got so appreciated thanks to its uniqueness of offering free good games on a monthly basis.

It is true that Instant Game Collection keeps working as usual on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and that the problem is probably represented by PlayStation 4 being out just for one year and a half. Looking at that from this perspective, it is interesting to read this proposal by another Reddit fan:

“Honestly as a PS+ subscriber, I would be happier to get some real PS+ discounts on season passes and DLCs for some of the triple A games. For example, I would happily buy the FarCry4 or Shadow of Mordor Season passes if we got some real PS+ discounts on them. The fact that PS+ gets only 10% discount on some lame ass weekly deals feels like I am basically paying money to Sony for no reason”.

Could this be just a good temporary solution or even something more? While Sony waits for games becoming a bit older and less valuable at retail, PlayStation Plus could give away Season Passes or strong discounts on them, something more of the usual +10% saving on digital contents. Many would appreciate that, especially for games like Evolve that have very expensive DLCs and expansion packs.

One thing is sure: PlayStation Plus has been around for 5+ years and with PlayStation 4 finally out there, it is supposed to face a new challenge and slightly change without losing any of its peculiarities. Sony has to return back to the drawing board if it doesn’t want to further disappoint its subscribers and those who do not own a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita.