PlayStation Plus VS Xbox Live: Who’s Offering The Best Free Games In April 2016?

What about PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection and Xbox Live’s Games With Gold in April? Well, the month looks generally pretty good for both PlayStation and Xbox supporters, almost like we’re entering a particularly hot season for platform holders and they’re willing to convince us that their efforts in caring about gamers are genuine.

Xbox One vs PS4

Looking at what they’re offering this month, it seems like Sony is starting to understand people’s demand is not exclusively based on original and pretty indie games but also, especially on triple-A titles (although still digital). Microsoft, on the other hand, keeps running the blockbuster road and after Lords of the Fallen offers another AAA action-adventure game Xbox fans will fall in love with. But, you know, they’re the underdog now.

Dead Star (PS4)

This is a pretty interesting title coming from Armature Studio. Dead Star is a twin stick shooter for PlayStation 4 and PC, featuring level ups, loot, team-based space combat (up to 10v10), spaceship customization, live multiplayer matches invasion and more.

The most interesting thing in my opinion is the battlefield procedural creation, meaning that each map will be different (in terms of what’s included in it at least) from another since it is being created as soon as you start your session. It is an indie game, you might say, and it’d be fine, but this one seems like one you should give a try.

Zombi (PS4)

We all know Zombi, now, after a luckluster debut on Wii U and a re-launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One a few months ago. While the game is basically a remaster, it must be noted it only launched in August and this means Sony is offering a pretty recent product coming from an established AAA publisher.

It is not as expensive as an Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty game, ok, but this is a good signal coming from Sony, stating “we got the message, guys”: from now on we hope to only see things going better and better when it comes to blockbuster titles being delivered for free to PlayStation Plus customers. Oh and, if you like permadeath and zombies, you will love it.

Other PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection’s April titles include I Am Alive, a digital post-apocalyptic survival game from Ubisoft (again) where you need to avoid a dangerous fog and scavenge for resources, and Savage Moon for PS3. PlayStation Vita owners don’t look as lucky as the PS4 and PS3 ones, since they only get A Virus Named Tom and Shutshimi (a pretty neat shmup to be honest), which are all but popular nowadays.

Talking about Games With Gold, Microsoft is working pretty good lately, engaging Xbox Live supporters and subscribers with at least one blockbuster games per month. Now we even have two very interesting titles for everyone owning a monthly pass to the online gaming platform.

The Wolf Among Us (1-15 April)

The Wolf Among Us is one of the most inspired Telltale Games episodic series, based on the Fables license and inspired to its unusually noir world of fairy tales and beasts. It has a great cast of characters and, despite lacking a bit of quality and surprise in the final episodes, a good story you will surely enjoy if you love this developer.

In terms of offer, Microsoft still showcases that, differently from Sony and PlayStation Plus, it prefers to have Games with Gold filled with good and pretty important games rather than new or recent ones. The Wolf Among Us first episode released, in fact, in 2013 with the full series arriving on Xbox One in November 2014.

Sunset Overdrive (15-30 April)

One of the most surprising and underrated Xbox One exclusive, which has not released (yet!) on Windows PC, Sunset Overdrive was developed by Ratchet & Clank and Resistance creators at Insomniac Games, and launched for Microsoft’s console on October 28, 2014. It is a brilliant game don’t matter the perspective you are looking at it from: colors are brilliant, making it a very eye-satisfying experience; gameplay is brilliant and pretty unique, recalling memories from the Jet Set and SEGA Dreamcast era.

Again, it is a pretty old game in comparison with what Microsoft could offer to its subscribers but we’re not talking about an Xbox One launch title, something PlayStation 4 owners would like to have at least in their Instant Game Collection for once… so we’ll take it for good and enjoy it until it’s free.

Xbox 360 titles include Dead Space (1-15 April) and Saints Row IV (16-30 April), both backwards compatible from now on for Xbox One users to enjoy on their brand new consoles. Saints Row IV also has an Xbox One remaster so it is a bit awkward to see it being released for free on that platform…

So, now that you have the full picture, which service is making the best offer in terms of free content, PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live? Instant Game Collection or Games with Gold? Let us hear your opinion in the comments below.