Pokémon – All Eeveelutions, Ranked


Pokémon might have Pikachu as the mascot and considered one of the cutest, the electric mouse has some competition with Eevee. The Eeveelutions have been around since the first generation with Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon. As the generations go on, more adorable Eeveelutions appear, with the recent being the fairy-type Sylveon.

They’re equally cute and have their fans, but this list will rank them based on their scene in competitive battling. Where do they rank? Here are the Eeveelutions ranked!

Pokémon – All Eeveelutions, Ranked

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Leafeon has its pros and cons, but it, unfortunately, does not stand strong as a competitive Pokémon. If you use a Sunny Day team, then there might be some relevance to Leafeon with Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard. It can be fast, but without Sunny Day, it is at a disadvantage to other speedy Pokémon that are strong against it.

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Glaceon is somewhat the opposite of Leafeon with its stats focusing on bulk and special attack. The latter is super good, but the problem for Glaceon is its typing: ice. There are many competitive Pokémon that will most likely one-shot Glaceon and its movepool are lacking severely. While having nice stats, Glaceon’s typing is its true weakness.

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It is strange for Flareon to have extremely high attack and great special defense, but it can work, just not on Flareon. Because of its horrendous speed, Flareon can be taken out before it gets the chance to hit back. Its hidden ability Guts sounds good on paper, but because it’s slow and can only be paralyzed or poisoned, that’s another risk of losing Flareon if it is completely paralyzed or succumbs to poison.

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Sometimes aggressiveness is not the key to winning a Pokémon battle. Stalling can help with a very defensive Pokémon like Umbreon. Its dark typing helps out in being immune to Psychic types and it only has two weaknesses. Because of its great bulk, it can take hits while stalling and helping other Pokémon that need healing or statuses removed.

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Hit points are very essential to surviving long and that is where Vaporeon excels at. Its choice of abilities is also great, having the chance to heal from water-type moves or have its status condition removed while it’s raining. And unlike Umbreon, Vaporeon has a great special attack stat that can be resorted to for attacking. Its speed and defense are lacking, but the latter can be fixed with the right nature and IV training.

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Jolteon has the speed and special attack to be a capable team member. And with only one weakness, Jolteon does not have too much to worry about. It is frail and even with its only weakness to ground types, Jolteon has the option to be used for Volt Switch and status inflicting moves like Yawn. For the Eeveelutions, Jolteon is among one of the best competitively.

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Similar to Jolteon, Espeon has excellent speed and special attack. For a psychic Pokémon, it has good access to strong and support moves. You can never go wrong with Calm Mind, Psychic, and even Shadow Ball to help counter its weakness to ghost-type Pokémon. You can either go full offensive or center around Espeon’s moveset with Calm Mind for extra bulk in special defense.


Sylveon is extremely lucky to be a fairy-type which turns out to be both bulky and offensive with its reasonable special attack and special defense. It does have a middling low speed and lacks physical defense, Sylveon will be sure to hit back hard with moves like Moonblast and recover with Wish and held item Leftovers. If it has the ability Pixilate, then moves like Hyper Voice is a great choice in case the opponent’s Pokémon is hiding behind Substitute.