PokeVision Is A Real Waste Of Pokemon GO Potential

Pokemon GO has achieved a huge, phenomenal success and it is still growing as more territories join the party day by day. Such a success, anyway, was obviously going to create some issues. Social issues, first: where I right from, Italy, for example, a consumers association called Codacons even asked for it to be banned as it is apparently causing car accidents. Which is ridiculous.

Moreover, people all over the world are split into two factions: those who love the game and those who hate guys who love the game. The latter think that Pokemon GO players are people who have a way a too much free time or they waste their lives playing a video game while they could go for girls or whatever is more socially accepted. Which is ridiculous.

Pokemon Go vs Pokevision Controversy

Anyway, today we’re going to talk about more impending issues, at least for us who mainly discuss video games and see them from a critic perspective. Let’s face the PokeVision problem, for example. What is PokeVision? Well, we’ll act like you really don’t know it, so let’s see into details what it is and how it works.

Taking advantage of the three-step bug, PokeVision allows whoever uses it to know about all the pokèmon spawning in a certain area as soon as they reach it. It is a website and it works in real time by just pressing a button. Before we deliver our opinion about this, look at this precise passage in the services agreement you have to “sign” when you login for the first time ever on Pokemon GO:

“You agree that when using the Services and Content, you will >not: attempt to access or search the Services or Content, or >download Content from the Services through the use of any >technology or means other than those provided by Niantic or >other generally available third-party web browsers (including, >without limitation, automation software, bots, spiders, >crawlers, data mining tools, or hacks, tools, agents, engines, >or devices of any kind)” -, thanks, Reddit!

So, Niantic would easily dub this as pure cheating. If you use PokeVision, you are cheating, period. Many guys doing it are justifying themselves since they just want to know which Pokemon are in a determined area and this is a way for them to save time and stuff like that. We have one simple answer for those guys.

If you don’t have time to play Pokemon GO, well, just don’t. You are not required to play each and every hour in a day. If you have to work, go for work, and then when you have free time to spend on this game, play it just like you’d do for any other game. Cheating basically destroys every video games, but Pokemon GO suffers stuff like PokeVision really a lot.

This is because the Pokemon lore and in particular Pokemon GO, which you should remember is an Augmented Reality video game based on you running through real environments looking for Pokemon, involve exploration. Characters in Pokemon video games are world travelers, globetrotters constantly searching for that creature and adventures.

Pokemon GO implies you are those characters. You are the one you give a name to in regular Pokemon video games. How is it possible to have such advantage while being the one who has to, wants to go walk around the world in search of big things to happen and creatures to be captured?

Cheating is always something you as a gamer should hate, especially if it give you a certain amount of advantage over your competitors. Anyway, in Pokemon GO it does even less sense, as it basically cancels one of the fundamentals the franchise (anime, video games and all) has been built around.

The sense of mystery you have when you explore, both in games and in this app for smartphones and tablets, and see a Pokemon appear right in front of you – well, this is what Pokemon is all about and it is something you should not be deprived of. You deserve to have that feeling of novelty over and over again. While we hope Pokemon GO receives some fixes and meaningful updates in terms of content, we believe you should really try and not waste its potential. Remember what Pokemon truly is about, and ask yourself if it is worth to cheat using the third party, sometimes stupid applications.