PS4.5 vs Xbox 1.5: If Both Releases In 2016, Will You Buy One Of Them?

Latest rumors and statements coming from the video games industry’s protagonists let us understand that both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have hardware revisions that, unusually, will go well beyond aesthetics changes (such as slim versions we have bought in the last few years). While Xbox One strangely seems to be a bit late from this point of view, although Phil Spencer was the first to openly talk about hardware upgrades for Microsoft consoles, PlayStation 4 appears to be almost ready to launch a new model to support 4K resolution and more powerful graphics.

PS4.5 vs Xbox 1.5: Would You Buy Them In 2016?

The latest rumors also let us know Sony is working on a specific lineup to launch the PS4.5 as a brand new console, together with graphical enhanced games like God of War IV, releasing on the standard platform as well but with a couple or more sacrifices in terms of performances.

Since we’re reading these rumors with interest and discussing them publicly, we’d like to know how you feel about them and what you think Sony and Microsoft should do to make the hardware upgrade business a success for the current console gaming and industry.

Are they right in building and launching these new models? Would you buy an Xbox 1.5 or a PlayStation 4.5 in case they get announced at E3 2016 and release later this year? If yes, how do you think they should manage their launch on the market?

Let us know your opinion via the poll and comment section below. We’ll further discuss it with a new feature including the best and most interesting comments coming from you, so give your best!