PS4 Exclusive Ready To Run Dev On “PS4 Architecture/GDDR5 RAM, Resolution, Xbox One Version And More”

Here is our full interview with Beatshapers, the developers who created the upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive game “Ready To Run”.

We talked with Alexey, founder and CEO, Beatshapers, on numerous topics related to “Ready To Run” such as what inspired them to make ‘Ready To Run’, customization options that will be available for players, is Xbox One version coming out in future, resolution at which the game runs on Playstation 4 and many more things.

Ready To Run

Read everything you need to know about “Ready To Run” for Playstation 4.

Gamepur: The only thing we know right now about “Ready To Run” is that “It’s a furious R.C. car racing game in unique retro-futuristic setting”. Can you give us an insight about Ready To Run.

Alexey: “I have been looking to bring out R/C cars games from the last 3 years – our team is not really into the racing genre but I always wanted to do it and I found a totally awesome physics programmer who gave us highly responsive (arcade) physics – because R/C car games are all about fast-paced action. So when we approved the physics – we started to build a game around it.

The name Ready to Run is a slang name for “out of the box”, from the R/C guys talks, this is what exactly the game is about: you just run the game and get into racing just like in good old times of Re-volt and other R/C cars games.

Gamepur: The car model that we saw in the teaser trailer of “Ready To Run”, was that an in-game model? The details looked really amazing.

Alexey: “Yes that is an in-game model. Well, in the next-gen RC cars, great level of detail is a must have.

Gamepur: Do you have any plans to bring “Ready To Run” to Xbox One? What exactly is the reason behind the omission of Xbox One as a platform for Ready To Run?

Alexey: “We didn’t omit this platform – we are a small team and can afford only one platform at time.

Gamepur: Does this mean Ready To Run might arrive on Xbox One as well in future?

Alexey: “YES, this is an opportunity we might pursue in the future. Can’t say yes/no right now.

Gamepur: Is Ready To Run still in its early stage of development for PS4? Have you guys decided on the resolution at which it will run of PS4, is it going to be 1080p 60 FPS?

Alexey: “We are aiming for 1080p, I am not sure about 60fps but we will do our best on optimizations.

Gamepur: About Us Page on BeatShapers website states that you guys are licensed to develop for almost all platforms but XBOX ONE was missing from the list. What exactly is the reason for Microsoft’s next-gen console missing from the list of platforms? Is it a cumbersome process for indie developers to get licensed for developing games for Xbox One?

Alexey: “We are a part of ID@xbox program but unfortunately we still don’t have the devkits, I just need to update About US page actually 🙂 We also would love to bring Ready to Run to X360 but since we are unable to self publish it, we have to postpone it.

Gamepur: Does Ready to Run take advantage of most talked about PS4 features: “DualShock 4’s Touchpad, Lightbar and Cloud Computing”?

Alexey: “We are negotiating internally about the touch pad, but faster gyroscopes are a more interesting feature for this kind of genre. Lightbar is the least interesting for this kind of game, but we have other projects that will support this feature. We are focusing more on off-line multiplayer (connected player and social engagement).

Gamepur: Ready To Run will launch with 15 futuristic looking radio-control cars with various designs. Will we get to see some new addition of cars via DLC in future? Also whether or not will it be possible for players to customize/upgrade cars in Ready To Run, if YES to what extent?

Alexey: “We have a feature to upgrade the car parameters as well as player leveling. More cars will be coming as DLC for sure; moreover, we are in potential talks with real R/C cars manufacturers about the potential licensing their cars.

Gamepur: PS4 Unified Architecture and 8GB GDDR5 RAM has been a talk of the town; developers are loving this gaming beast and power it offers them to play with. Can you share your PS4 development experience a bit in detail? What are your thoughts on PS4 Unified Architecture and 8GB GDDR5 RAM?

Alexey: “We totally loved the development process on PS4. I cannot tell much as I m not a tech guy but from what I have heard from our programmers – it’s all really great. Having faster RAM access allows us to add more graphical features to the game – we are still doing R&D to use PS4 power to the fullest.

Gamepur: One unique thing Ready To Run has to offer to PS4 Gamers?

Alexey: “Ready To Run offers a Big city environment with endless tracks configuration.

Gamepur: Apart from Ready To Run, are you planning more titles for PS4?

Alexey: “Yes, we have 2 more games in development (early prototypes). We are also talking internally to bring PS Vita Z-Run to PS4 as well, but not sure about it.

Gamepur: Would you like to say some last few words for your fans out there?

Alexey: “Thanks for support and interest for our titles – please like our facebook page or follow us on twitter to know more about upcoming titles!

Gamepur: Thank You For Taking Your Precious Time To Respond To Questions and All The Best For “Ready To Run”.

Alexey: “Always a pleasure!

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Watch Amazing Looking Teaser Trailer of “Ready To Run” below.