PS4 Firmware 2.50: Is It Really “Game Changing”?

PlayStation 4 users are about to receive a new update that, among the other things, will let them access to the resume mode already appreciated on Xbox One and create a backup for their games or apps on an external drive. The Internet has defined the firmware 2.50 “game changing”: it seems a bit excessive, but there’s a couple of reasons why you should be excited about the arrival of the new firmware.

Apart from the contents of the update (take note of the 60fps Share Play, too), the way Sony has begun releasing it shows a change in its philosophy. Probably because of the last debacles in public updates, the manufacturer seems to have approached something like Microsoft’s preview program, selecting a host of MVPs from the community and giving them the chance to have an earlier version of the firmware.

PS4 Firmware 2.50

So they can test it and send their feedback over possible (probable) issues that upon a time appeared only once the download went public. In my opinion that is the best innovation Sony could offer its fans at this point.

Then we can talk about the resume mode. Based on my experience, it is not fundamental but could become useful for gamers that usually don’t manage to complete their sessions and need to move from their homes as fast as they can. I have tried it on Xbox One and way too frequently it gave me issues with accounts such as EA’s with FIFA 15: even though I put the console in resume mode, I had to reboot the game so I could recover my last saved game. Not so useful, so, but I think it can improve.

Another feature many have been talking about the last few days is the backup of games and apps. Someone got excited for (almost) nothing, since they thought you could put your games on an external drive and bring them wherever you wanted, maybe just logging onto PlayStation Network from another PS4. This is wrong, it seems, because backup will help only those willing to free some space from their PS4’s HDD without any need to re-download the entire game or app. Pretty useful, anyway, since patches get bigger day by day and 500GB are beginning to be not enough for everything.

Based on the leaks, the firmware 2.50 will be available to most MVPs from today, March 9, so we can expect even more details in the next few hours. If you were Sony, what features would you work on for the next PS4’s update? Tell us in the comments section below.