PS4 Firmware 3.0: Top 9 Features PS4 Owners Want To See In It

What if Sony shares first information about PlayStation 4’s Firmware 3.0 at E3 2015 next week? Taking a look on the Internet, people are getting increasingly curious about this kind of announcement, mainly because PS4, according to many users over Reddit and other social networks, really needs to improve its dashboard. Gamers would appreciate not only an improvement in performances, but also new features like those you can see above.


As always, share your comments about the following list of new features we would add to PS4 with Firmware 3.0 and add your preferences if any.


Have you ever wanted to stream video, music or photo from your PC to your game console? Well, sure you have, but you can’t on your PlayStation 4. Which is pretty a shame for a $399 hardware. Sony seems to be facing some business issue with this functionality, as it has offered a Spotify app for music (one single account and you can play it wherever you desire), but hope to see DLNA finally unlocked for PS4 has never died.


Let me guess: you have created your PlayStation Network account 10 years ago, when you were part of a clan, and now that you have (finally) grown up… you would really, really appreciate the chance to go and change it in complete freedom. You would even pay some buck for it, as it happens with Xbox Live. But you can’t. Firmware 3.0 could be a good chance to fix this.


I am almost sure of this: custom wallpapers are coming. This feature would allow you to use an image of yours as wallpaper in PS4’s dashboard or even take a screenshot grabbed from an actual game and make it your own visual background. Now you can’t, but there’s no reason why Sony shouldn’t listen to his fans voice on this matter.


Let’s face it: you are too polite to refuse a voice chat or a party with your friends, so you find yourself lost in pointless and noisy conversations you don’t want to be a part of. What if Sony adds an option to appear offline on PlayStation Network? That would solve the problem and help you in completing that single-player game you never managed to finish…


Just as custom wallpapers, I think Sony will add folders in a following update or even in Firmware 3.0. They’re not beautiful, it’s not something that will make gamers dream, but folders are just something really useful. It’s a matter of order in your library.


Why can’t trophies sync in real time or at least in background, just as it happens on Xbox 360 and Xbox One? You could dedicate that time of loading to something else, unlocking more trophies, for example. A modern console like PS4, which has been built with speed of thought and execution, is not meant for this.


Apart from screenshots, which are almost as good as the games are in real time, I would really appreciate uploaded videos could be available at 1080p and not just 720p. The difference is subtle but, upload after upload, you will notice it. There’s some con to this, like the size of the videos, but I would like Sony to consider this option.


One of the things I will never get used to on PlayStation Network is the lack of “friend online” notifications. I don’t ever know when a friend of mine gets online, so every time I have to check my friend list to see who’s there. It’s a feature so simple to add, I think, Sony won’t want to miss for Firmware 3.0.


Well, there’s not even that much to add: Sony should really make external hard drive compatible with PlayStation 4, as those 500GB PS4 are starting to be too small for the amount of contents we download each day. I wouldn’t change my day one PS4 with another console just to get a bigger hard drive at this point, I would just enjoy the chance to extend the HDD I already own. Firmware 3.0 could help.