PS4 Slim: Top 4 Things We Want To See In It

 PS4 Slim: Top 4 Things We Want To See In It

Sony has been among the first platform holder to produce slim version of its consoles, together with Nintendo. PlayStation was followed by PSone, PlayStation 2 by PS2 and PlayStation 3 had even three revisions, passing from the “fat” of the launch day to the Super Slim that arrived on the store shelves in 2012. The most common move made by Sony with these revisions regards the dimensions of the console, gradually reduced and accompanied by a new, more brilliant and compact design. Is something similar going to happen to PlayStation 4? Most probably yes, take a look at our ideas on the slim affair in the following lines, where we discuss what PS4 Slim would need.

PS4 Slim


As happened with all the previous iterations of PlayStation, the new PS4 model will need a more compact and aggressive design, somehow to reflect the philosophy behind it. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were born with the idea of a device to be shown in the living room, and both left this idea following gamers’ backlash. So, who needs a so serious-designed console anymore?


At launch, Xbox 360 was the noisiest console I have ever played, while PS3 was good from the start up. Strangely enough, Xbox One now beats PS4 regarding this aspect. You can tolerate it but often you find yourself asking why a €399 console has to be so noisy. PlayStation 4 Slim should fix this, I guess.


I fell in love with DualShock 4, so far the best version of PlayStation controllers. It’s much more ergonomic, and the introduction of the touchpad is an interesting twist – we’ll have to wait and see if developers will push on it in the next years or retain what has been done so far. Only one thing is both surprising and disappointing: analogue sticks’ quality. Sony has made a great name thanks to the quality of its products and it is just surprising that so cheap analogue stick could make it to the DualShock 4, the first controller to be introduced before of the console itself. I absolutely want a new version to fix this.


Maybe it was hard to predict but, at this point of the generation, it appears clear that we all need bigger hard disks on PlayStation 4 (and Xbox One, as well). 500GB starting to be too few, considering not only the digital delivery of many contents from PlayStation Store, but also the increasing amount of day one patches and their growing dimensions. Day after day we are forced to download gigabytes of fixes that repair what developers notice after the launch or intentionally leave unrepaired in order to respect their deadline. That’s why I suggest PS4 Slim should have at least 1TB hard disks.

This is only the beginning, as PlayStation 4 won’t probably be available before 2017. Let us know your suggestions in the comments below and we will further discuss them.

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