PS4 Slim vs PS4: 5 Core Differences Buyers Should Know, Pros And Cons

PlayStation 4 Slim is being confirmed right now by leaks and videos and photos depicting it in the United Kingdom, where some consumer has already been able to buy it using an auction website and investing a good amount of pounds on it. We have very few details at the time of writing this, so we’ll be a little vague about what this console could or could not represent just a year or so before PlayStation Neo finally releases in 2017. Here, we’ll just look at what is now and how different it is from a basic PS4 model you could go outside and buy in two fashions differing exclusively by their HDD.

PS4 Slim vs PS4: 5 Key Differences

1: Appearance/Looks

Ok, so we know design is very different in PlayStation 4 Slim. Let’s take a look at some of those differences in detail. First, we have a smaller console right here. We can’t tell precisely how much smaller the console actually is in comparison with the original model, but it looks almost the same in terms of pure size and much thinner and lighter. Moreover, it’s completely opaque, which delivers a sense of plastic we don’t usually fall in love with. Anyway, the guy who has been able to buy it says it’s much better first hand.

2 – Blu-Ray Drive

Blu-ray drive appears to be the same and, while this is not a difference in comparison with PS4, it is a difference when looking at Xbox One S. Microsoft introduced an Ultra Blu-ray drive capable of providing 4K Blu-ray based content. This would make us think PS4 Slim is not thought to be an entry-level ticket for the 4K world and is not introducing a 4K integrated upscaler as well. That would be a bit disappointing, to be honest, but would let PlayStation Neo have the major 4K announcement at PlayStation Meeting and help the console be a little cheaper.

3 – HDD Bay

The HDD bay is set in a completely different place now on PlayStation 4 Slim. Have a look at the picture below. Why Sony did this? We have no idea. It’s probably something related to the internal components’ placement, or whatever. It’s just a fun fact we wanted to show you, and maybe something you wouldn’t even notice when you’d buy the console.


4 – Touch Sensitive Buttons

Similarly to Microsoft with Xbox One S, Sony is ditching touch sensitive buttons for PlayStation 4 Slim and returning to its roots, reintroducing the physical buttons we’ve all fallen in love for ages before the touch sensitive technology was abruptly made possible. It’s a good choice in our opinion – we never really understood how those power and eject buttons currently work on PlayStation 4. So at least this is a plus, in our opinion. In yours?

5 – HDD Space

According to the leaker, PlayStation 4 Slim is shipping with a 500GB hard drive, which means 500GB less in comparison with the current 1TB PS4 model you can buy right now. Anyway, this could also mean two things: first, there could be a second PS4 Slim model as well with 1TB (or even a third PS4 Slim model with a 2TB hard drive, like Xbox One S); second, Sony might be pointing to casual gamers and not so hardcore users who focus on the physical market, go to the mall and buy some casual game with attractive cover he finds out right there. Which is not necessarily something evil, don’t worry you poor noob. And then, back to the hardcore gamers, with PlayStation Neo next year. It might work.