PS4 Top 10 Backwards Compatible Games: These Masterpieces From The PS2 Era Should Return At Any Cost

PlayStation 2 titles are about to arrive on PlayStation 4 through a new backwards compatibility feature which is being worked on at Sony, so people are starting to wonder what games will be in the list when it will come to determine the first to arrive to the current gen platform. We have seen a lot of comments on the Internet coming from people who would love to see this or that old, old generation game to their new PS4, so we are able to make a list of those we think are going to be the most wanted for a while. Take a look at it below, and don’t forget to share your own top 10 titles you would like to see coming back from PS2 to PlayStation 4. Remember that, according to the first tech analysis by Digital Foundry, those old Star Wars games have resulted to be much better now in comparison with the original titles released for PlayStation 2, so there’s much room to see improvements for the following games, too!

PS2 Games To Be Played On PS4


Coming almost at the end of PS2 generation, Final Fantasy XII is one of the most underrated Final Fantasy games to date, one we Final Fantasy fans think doesn’t have the respect it would deserve. Bringing it back as a backwards compatible game would be the best solution for it to be played and loved by a new generation of gamers that might have lost it in translation. The only obstacle could be Square Enix itself, considering a lot of rumors have been around for a while about Final Fantasy XII remaster. Something the Japanese developer and publisher could be willing to bring to the market as a completely new and budget release as it happened with FFX and FFX-2.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse has somehow made people fall in love all over again, but their first love as PS2 gamers has surely been Budokai Tenkaichi 3, a title Dragon Ball fans have spent and invested a lot of hours into. It would be awesome to see it coming back to PlayStation 4 and witnessing a graphical improvement to make it look better or even faster than the original. And with Dragon Ball Super just airing in Japan, it’s something we wouldn’t rule out at all.


The last great racing game for PlayStation 2, and the last great Gran Turismo game at all, Gran Turismo 4 is the title people would love most to see coming back from the dead and returning in all of its speedy fashion on PlayStation 4. It would pair with Gran Turismo Sport, arriving into beta early next year, and would represent a huge plus for the backwards compatibility project, almost on its own witnessing Sony is really serious about it. As with Dragon Ball, making it even faster and better looking could be potentially something that could launch the PS4 backwards compatibility program among the stars.


People is talking a lot about Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater coming to the backwards compatibility program and, while it would make some sense for those who own a copy of the original PS2 games, it’s really unlikely they could be joining one day or another the program. As you know, there’s a Bluepoint Games HD Collection on the market and it seems highly unlikely Konami could be interested in allowing Sony to do that. To be honest, considering resources at this project’s disposal would be limited (just like they are for Microsoft’s Xbox One/360 bc), it’s something we don’t disagree much about.


Konami could and should take the exact opposite consideration when talking about the Silent Hill franchise. Born on the original PlayStation, it’s on PS2 that the Silent Hill saga lived its best era, launching two masterpieces (Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3) and a good survival horror game, The Room. Everything which arrived on the market later on was not enjoyable at all or at least not up to people’s expectations for a Silent Hill game. The recent Downpour was a good effort and a sign of the series coming back, but what happened with P.T and Kojima’s Silent Hills wasn’t surely good. Fans all over the world are still a lot, by the way, and there would be many of them breathing once again Silent Hill’s creepy air in case the backwards compatibility feature should include those games.


SOCOM II is the game that made PlayStation users discover online multiplayer and that’s why they love it so much, although not being the best online shooter you could find in history. By the way, looking at the official forums and comments from Sony fans, this should really be in the list of the first titles coming to the backwards compatibility program for PS4. What we don’t know is if there would be chances to play online backwards compatibility games, considering servers for the original have already been shutted down and it would have renewed costs to re-activate them again. It’s not sure Sony could have a good return in money from that, so we would hope for it but don’t be disappointed in case it doesn’t make it…

ONIMUSHA 1, 2, 3

There’s one thing I will never understand about Capcom: why did they give up on the Onimusha series? Sales, of course, but that’s not what I meant. The franchise has a lot of unexplored potential and it would really make a lot of sense to bring it back to the PlayStation owners, also allowing newcomers and new generations of players to know it. Backwards compatibility is a great chance for developers and publishers to understand people’s tastes without investing too many resources in it. They have been using remasters to do that, and the income is surely higher, but it would require even less resources to come up with a bc title of an old series and consider creating a new game based on that. Fingers crossed for Capcom to think about that.


Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge Raceeeeeeeer!! Of course, Namco’s arcade racing game is going to be in the first draft of backwards compatible titles, isn’t it? With Kaz Hirai now president of Sony, it’s unlikely his most beloved game (we don’t know if it actually is and highly doubt about that but, you know, that E3 presentation…) is going to stay out of the list. No kidding, by the way. With the franchise out of our radars for a while, it could ultimately reveal interesting to see the original Ridge Racer coming back to PlayStation and maybe take advantage of some technical enhancements. And… Hirai would be a happy boy, too.


Just like it was for SOCOM II and online titles, Tekken is the game that made many PlayStation users they love fighting games. And the latest and somehow best iterations of the series are Tekken 4 and Tekken 5, not considering Tag Tournament since it’s not of the main “saga”. With Street Fighter V about to release as a PS4 console exclusive, we don’t think Capcom would like to see Sony supporting a Namco fighting game, so it is not likely for many reasons, but we would not rule it out due to some Japanese publishers’ fair play.


Another series which would really take advantage of backwards compatibility is Tony Hawk’s. Pro Skater 5 has been a huge disaster since from day one and we’re still figuring out if Activision has any interest in fixing it. In the meantime, it could be really helpful for them to support Sony and asking to have Underground 2, the best game in the series in our opinion, in the first handful of bc PS2-PS4 games. Just to save Tony Hawk’s gaming honor, and let us join one hell of a masterpiece.