Saints Row the Third – 5 Amazing Things

Out of all the big title games being released by big name studios and production companies, Saint’s Row the Third beats them all to the top of the list. It’s a world of gangs and criminals and insane fun that is back for more and better than ever. Everything that made us love Saint’s Row 2 has returned. But the developers of Saint’s Row the Third didn’t stop there. They improved on their game, not just making a new one that would please their audience just as much as the last, as is all too often done in the world of gaming. What are some of these improvements? What do they do? Let’s take a look.

Saints Row: The Third wallpaper

5. Customization

I know the customization ability tops lists of many games, each one trying to be even more customizable than the last. Saint’s Row the Third takes the cake though. It isn’t just facial features that can be changed such as eye color or hair length. Skin tone, body type, even personality can all be modified to suit your own personal style of playing. Want to recreate yourself? No problem. How about something unique that you’ve always wanted to play as? Zombie alien? Clown thug? A demonic cheerleader? Once again, Saint’s Row the Third has got it handled enabling all of your wildest hopes and dreams.

Character creation was even available pre-launch. This was part of a contest for best character creation, running in conjunction with Gamespot. People can vote for their favorite character creations. Whichever character has the most votes by the end of the voting period wins a prize well worth it – a spot in the finished version of Saint’s Row the Third.

Saints Row 3 Angel screen

4. Tomonobu Itagaki

All of this customization where the player can tailor their character to their own needs and desires can be a fantastic thing. But it isn’t for everybody. Sometimes you don’t want to bother with the long process of decision making or maybe you just want to get an hour of game time in before having to go off to work. In that case a ready-made, still awesome character is just what you need. But don’t worry. The Saint’s Row development team is awesome, if you remember. They’ve got you covered.

One of the pre-made playable characters is none other than Tomonobu Itagaki – complete with signature leather jacket and sunglasses. Why is video gaming legend Tomonobu Itagaki in Saint’s Row the Third at all? Well, the story goes something like this. Tomonobu Itagaki told the publishers that he loved the early version of the game. The Saint’s Row team then asked Itagaki if he wanted to be in the game and of course he readily agreed.

Tomonobu Itagaki in saints row 3

3. Open World and Missions

Open world games are always fun, but nothing is as amazing as the open world of Saint’s Row combined with the standard missions. Sure, you still have the great missions of all Saint’s Row games which range from crazy, hilariously fun missions to the more standard destroy as much as you can variety. There is storyline too, as another gang has seen the Saints rise in popularity and power and demands that you pay them tribute. Needless to say, there isn’t any way that is going to happen.

It is the open world environment that really draws the crowds in, however. Anything and everything can happen in Saint’s Row the Third. The only limitations are your own imagination and knack for wreaking havoc. There are plenty of areas ripe for exploring, plenty of people to test your brand new weapons and much, much more.

Saints Row: The Third screenshot

2. Weapons

Weapons systems are something that are often included in games but sometimes forgotten about halfway through development, or at least that’s how it sometimes feels. Not in Saint’s Row though. Saint’s Row the Third has a weapons upgrade system that is better than most out there. Many times upgrades in weapons are seen only in stats or how many holes your poor victims are riddled with, things more often felt but not seen. None of that in Saint’s Row the Third, though. When a weapon is upgraded it will be seen as well as felt. Your weapon, whether it is a rifle or grenade launcher will be bigger, badder, and better than ever.

1. Awesome Moves

Saint’s Row is memorable for its completely awesome, sometimes ridiculous and over the top moves. It’s why we play and continue to do so for so long after the game has been released. There’s no end to the completely ridiculous moves that players can concoct. The developers know this too and are going to make it easier than ever for fans everywhere to upload they’re wild adventures to video sites such as YouTube. If you are a PC user and purchase Saint’s Row the Third through Steam there will be an in-game feature provided where gameplay can be captured in real time, saved and uploaded to the internet to share with friends and fellow gamers everywhere.

Saint’s Row is better than ever in this third installment in the beloved franchise. There are plenty of reasons to pick it up, only some of which have been touched on here. If you haven’t played any Saint’s Row games before now is the time to start. Cash in on the mayhem and chaos of the city of Steelport. Saint’s Row delivers exactly what gamers everywhere want – pure, unaltered fun – with fantastic characters which are both in game, creatable and playable, a fun and varied vehicles system, fun and totally off the wall weapons and a physics engine that will bring things you’ve ever only dreamed of to life.