Six movies that deserve a video game adaptation

There are some games that have spin off movies, such as the Resident Evil franchise. Other times games are spin offs of movies. Many times these are hit titles such as Harry Potter and Star Wars. Games such as these can be good, but many times suffer from a much too rapid development and release period, based more so on making more money than producing a fantastic title associated with a fantastic franchise. But there are some movies that should just be developed into games – movies with great stories, awesome characters, and the potential for great boss fights. Here’s a list of just some of the many movies that should be turned into video games. Some of these titles have been turned into games, but games that we’ve since swept under the carpet, stomped on and then vacuumed up the little pieces. We need fully fleshed out, completely video game friendly, fun, video games for many movies out there. Here’s a peek at just a few.

Kill Bill

Kill Bill

Kill Bill may have a trivia game but it’s just not enough. Kill Bill would be the perfect movie to have a video game. There are plenty of bad guys with which to have boss fights. A great story line. A hero that can make a weapon out of just about anything and knows almost every kind of fighting style there is. Villains that are at varying levels of depravity. They can even have prequel games exploring the lives of the various characters.

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible would make a great video game. It just would. No one’s tried yet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t impossible. And with so much to draw from – the new movies, the older movies, the TV show – there is most definitely enough backstory and other information to draw on for a fantastic game. Yes, there may be an old Mission Impossible game, but it’s time for the franchise to be reborn and replayed by modern audiences on modern systems.

Cowboys Vs. Aliens

Cowboy and Aliens

This would make an awesome game. A lone cowboy trying to fight against forces that would usually completely overpower him – which is just about any boss in any video game ever created. A game based on Cowboys vs. Aliens would be awesome and it doesn’t need to be an exact replica of the movie either. Maybe you can play as an alien and try to take over Earth. Maybe you choose to be a cowboy and ride against the alien infiltrators with nothing but a shotgun, a pistol and a couple of sidekicks.

The Terminator


Who wouldn’t want to play as the Terminator? I can smell a fantastic FPS from a mile away. The Terminator movies are one of the most popular movie franchises of all time. It’s high time they get the video game makeover they deserve and are turned into fantastic video games for modern audiences.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman

This was an okay movie that had a lot of potential. Maybe The League of Extraordinary Gentleman’s true calling was a video game after all. With many great characters from classic literature to choose from and dark, sinister villains to defeat, this would be a great action adventure RPG. The cast also has the potential to grow with villains and heroes from the entirety of the literary world to choose from. And who doesn’t like a story based in good old steampunk London?

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

This would make an amazing video game. Everyone loves a zombie shooter. But a funny zombie shooter that doesn’t really ever take itself seriously? A video game that knows it’s made to entertain? Yes please! We can never get enough zombie video games and after the ill received Dead Island we could use another title in the zombie shooter field to relieve our depression.

Some movies are just waiting to be turned into video games. Not all of them are box hits, not all of them need to be turned into a game scene by scene. But all of the games on this list would make great transitions from the silver screen to the PC and consol. Too often games based off of movies are done too quickly, too cheaply and don’t turn out half as good as they should have. Maybe if some of these movies ever get turned into games the time and skills needed will, for once, be utilized and the movie based games we’ll be waiting for will become instant successes.

Let us know which movie or movies you want as GAME. Feel free to use the comment section below.